Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Bicycle Ride for 2010

Today is our first bicycle ride of 2010. A little wet, but not too cold and no wind made for a pretty good ride around Corvallis. 25 miles more or less. The bike computer died, so that's the best estimate. 25 down, 1975 to go.

A kawi is parked at the start location. I've seen it here before, and I have to take it's picture. I never have to take pictures of cars or bicycles unless they're some kind of classic still on the road. But I'm compelled to shoot motorcycles. I wonder if other riders take pictures of mine? Maybe I should wash her now and then.

Since it's a short ride day, we decide to ride the tandem. Ron gets Kermit dusted off, aired up, and ready to go. It's also time to start my training using the G11 on the bike. It doesn't fit in my hand like the little fuji.
A few shots to the front.

A few to the back.

I'll need more practice before I take it to the Suzi.

It's fun to be back on the tandem, but I'm afraid it'll never again be our main bicycle. I can't relax on the back anymore. It seems like since I started riding motorcycles I have to be in control of my ride. I want to pick my own line. I've lost one thing (the joy of tandeming) but gained something else (motorcycling). It's not a bad thing. Just change, and that happens in life. Ron will probably enjoy the ride more without me on the back "giving instructions".
We lose Dennis who stopped to fix a flat. What starts out as a 5 minute fix turns into a 30 minute nightmare that included blood loss. No crashes, just a stubborn tire with a very tenacious bead. Being the dedicated riders that we are, we drop Dennis and head back to Corvallis and lunch at Old World Deli. Dennis drags in a half hour later, and after a beer and a brownie his ordeal has already morphed into the usual "harrowing war story" we all share and love.

Maybe tomorrow will be the first motorcycle ride for the year. The weather report is looking good!


  1. Congratulations on the first ride of 2010. Nice pictures and story. When I read your bike stories I kinda miss cycling.

    Hope you get to ride the motorcycle today.

  2. Thanks Mike,
    Maybe it's time for a bicycle :)

    Yep, we done good this weekend. Got the bicycle ride in yesterday, and a motorcycle ride in today. Now I feel it's officially 2010!