Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wind, Sprinkles, and a Distraction

Per the KATU website:
"Winds are picking rapidly in the Central Willamette Valley with some gusts reported near 45 mph around Salem. . ."

Rhonda! Say it isn't so!! This is the weather bulletin this afternoon. I thought the ride to work was exciting. Apparently the ride home will be more so.

I have learned something this week: Rain is fun to ride in, and better than the chilly, foggy stuff we had a few weeks ago. I say bring on the rain! Maybe it's not quite that fun.

I finally heard it today at work..."It's a little rainy for riding isn't it?"
"I like riding in the rain."
"Oh, you must be a real Oregonian." This from the young guy at work.
I guess I now count as certifiable.

Seriously, it was a nice ride. The sky was stunning (and a bit distracting). And it was warm. Warm is nice. My cornering was nice. See, everything was nice. Nice, nice, nice! This morning was one of those rides where everything just feels right, even with the wind gusting and blowing and a few drops of rain falling.

I had to stop this evening and get a picture of the sky. I can't shoot the canon on the run (yet), and anyways it didn't seem right to take a picture and not include the Suzi. That's what comes of blogging and start having to include the chariot in the pic. Life can get so complicated.

The view to the east. The foothills have disappeared and been replaced by a big pink cloud. I can't seem to bring out the color as it looked. Chopped off the bottom cuz' it was just ugly parking lot. Hey but look, it's gravel. I went in the gravel...quite the adventurer now.

The view to the west. A distracting sky.



  1. Nice ride report Kari! Stay safe.

  2. More rain? When I saw the word "sprinkles" I thought it would be about donuts!

    I finally learned a better way to take photos of sky, sunsets, and so on. At least better than what I had been doing. I always just pointed the camera and went for it. Now I spot meter on the dark part, press the shutter down half way, then hold it there while I re-compose. My photos show the actual color and stuff much better.

    Of course, you most likely already knew that. I'm always the last to learn a tip!

    Around here, you either learn to like riding in the rain or you don't ride much. Of course, messing with people is fun, too.

  3. Thanks Mike,
    I always strive to stay safe. I'm a scaredy cat, so that helps. :)

    Hi Irondad
    Sorry about the donuts :(
    I'll add a treat in the next post. Will that help?

    It's funny that afternoon I completely blanked on the photography thing. All I could think of was point and shoot. Chalk it up to a crazy work day.

    Messing with people always takes priority! :)

    take care,