Sunday, March 21, 2010

From the Garden

This weekend was spent planting 45 shrubs around our backyard. It went faster than expected, so I spent a little time snapping some pics of a few spring flowers blooming around the yard.
Labrador Violet.
f2.8 • 1/20 sec • ISO-100 • handheld 
 I used a square crop because it was the best choice for the composition. Nah...I lopped off a corner with a blown out blob of light that couldn't be easily covered with a photoshop cheat.  :)
f2.8 • 1/60 sec • ISO-100 • handheld 
 Both were taken with the G11.


  1. First...45 shrubs!!!! Wow...that's work! Good for you!

    Secondly you can't go wrong with the G11! Nice photos for sure. I love the looks of that Andromeda.

    More yard photos anytime!!!

  2. Very nice Kari! My, what a big back yard you have with 45 shrubs. Both those shots are great quality and very nicely done! I especially like the short depth of field on the first one. It really adds the softness that shot needs.

    Did you use a tripod? Because they're both so clear.

  3. Hi Eve,
    Yeah, we're feeling it today! The G has been a nice little camera for packing around everyday. The Andromeda is a new plant this year. I've always loved them, but never got one in the yard til now.

    Hi Mike,
    Not really so big. We have a corner lot and did almost all of three sides of the fenceline. We should have done it years ago, but well, just didn't.

    Thank you! I had been wondering what the camera could do with depth of field, and this was an opportunity to play a bit. I was pleased with the results on these two. I didn't use a tripod and most of the pics were too soft as a result.

  4. I didn't see it last night where you put in the info that the shots were handheld...d'oh. I like the second one too with the light coming in from the top!

    I hope you used a post-hole digger for that many holes! I wish I had a nickel for every hole I've dug with one of those. :)

  5. BlueKat:

    couldn't you have just said you put on your "soft focus filter" to blend the colors.
    I also have a G10, I am not sure I can vary the flash output, perhaps shoot with slow shutter with flash -1 or -1-1/2 Exp Comp, to eliminate effects of handholding. The idea is to make it seem that a flash was NOT used.

    while you were busy playing in your garden, I was wandering all over town buying plumbing parts.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  6. Good news, bad news. Bad news: You planted 45 attention hungry shrubs to take away from riding and picture time?

    Good news: Nice photos. The G11 is far more capable than I thought either it or I would be.

    You spent time planting shrubs. Katie spent time mowing our yard. I spent time printing baby pictures. Hey, I know how to operate the lawnmower but she doesn't know how to operate Photoshop!

  7. Mike
    I'm trying to add some of the exif info with the pics. I've done this in the past until I got lazy and quit. We'll see how long I prevail this time. No post hole digger, just a shovel. Ron dug the holes; I added the shrub and filled it in. The ground is still pretty soft, so it wasn't too bad.

    Hi Bobskoot
    I didn't use a flash at all. I struggle with flash photography. I can't even run the Nikon's flash...confounded complicated thing! The G11's flash isn't too bad, but sometimes with close ups I get shadows across the image (from the lens I think), or the flash works, but doesn't look natural, so I tend to use it only as a last resort. I'll give the slow-shutter/exp comp a try. I'm kind of curious to see the results. - Thanks for the tips!!

    Hi Irondad
    That's why we also added a drip irrigation system that's tied into a timer! We never sacrifice our fun time! Which is why our landscaping is perpetually never done, and the house needs paint, and the floors are never mopped...this list is very long!

    Thank you! I have been very pleased with the G11 as well. A friend of mine who tours the US on bicycle uses a G10 and has a high end epson printer (drool!). I've seen some of his large prints from the G10 and they're stunning even blown up to large sizes. Very crisp, lovely images.

    All this gardening and photography...not much riding happening on these sunny days! I bet the baby pics are adorable! I'm glad I know photoshop so I don't have to mow the yard! :)