Sunday, March 14, 2010

Open Gas

Today we went plant shopping. One nursery had some interesting little buildings tucked away amongst the plants. This was my favorite.

It's always the question. Open another blog, or keep multiple subjects all in one blog. I've done both, and I still can't say which is best. Lately I've been wanting to post more on photography, yet I don't want photography to take over this blog. It seems I haven't posted much on motorcycling lately.


  1. A journey is a journey Kari! Be it motorcycling or photography. Whatever you decide I'll be around. I'm hooked. Love this little shop! Just my kind of place!!

  2. Either way Kari, count me as one of your "bloggees". Let's see there's blogger and bloggee. Nice colorful scene. It looks like an old gas pump on the left!

  3. Hi Eve
    Thanks for the comment. The little shop was a treat to find. They also had a caboose tucked back in another corner. Fun place.

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks. Bloggees - LOL!
    Yep a gas pump and they had other fun stuff tucked away here and there. I think I had more fun looking at all the decorations than looking at the plants!

  4. What an awesome photo! I don't suffer from the same indecision as you. After all, you never see anything on my blog but motorcycles do you? :)

    I agree with the others. I think after a while we tend to follow the person as much or more than the content.