Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We're back...

The computer is back and reading my camera card once again. My photography these past few days suck. My focus is on one thing green. We brought the Kawi home on Saturday. It was a lovely day for a ride, and we had our pick of backroads to ramble back towards home. Of course I got us lost. No problem one road seems as pleasant as any other. 
Later we went for a short ride around town, and down to the school parking lot. Two years ago I spent a lot of time down here weaving and circling.  I'll need to be doing some more of that again, but I'll wait for the sliders to be installed. 
Seriously short legs.
 Sunday we went for a ride. A nice little 70 mile loop from Lebanon through Sweet Home, Crawfordsville and Brownsville. We took a break at Sunnyside Park near Sweet Home and made use of the facilities. That's it in the background. Obviously I'm not in photographer mode or I'd have found better scenery.
Hmmm, where to hang the helmet. Mirror? Handlebar? Footpeg?
I hate leaving it on the ground
Did I mention that we had a little rain?
Tomorrow I'm hoping to take the bike to work. I'm still a little nervous backing out of the we spun 'er around and she's ready to go. 


  1. Does the seat height of your snazzy new wheels leave you on tiptoes?

    Wish we could have gotten you onto an SV, but I can live with you being on a bike you love! :P

  2. BlueKat:

    Yes, the tippy toes do worry me a bit, just make sure you are not on slippery ground, or don't stop rolling.

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  3. It looks real nice Kari! Watch those white painted surfaces like crosswalks when they're wet. You'll be fine! Before you know it you'll be doing wheelies and stoppies!

    I always back my bike in the garage so it's ready for launch!

  4. Congratulationsa on the bike! You mentioned Taylors. Is that the Woodburn dealer?

    As for the short legs it might work better for stability to just sort of slide one cheek off the seat to the left side.

    For the face shield ( no, this is not a suggestive commnent ) you should check into a Wee Willy.

  5. Great to see some pics of you on the new bike. You will have a lot of fun.

    Check the latest photo tags, there is at least one in your neck of the woods if you are looking for an excuse for a short ride on the new bike. Not that we need an excuse to ride.

  6. Hi Stacy,
    Yes, rather like a ballerina in toe shoes. On the street when I stop I scoot to one side, so I can get most or all of my foot down. That seems to work best. I really liked both the ninja and the sv. I looked at a few 4-cy bikes, but I think a twin is really what I was looking for. It just worked out with the ninja this time around. I do love the bike. I can already tell it is worlds away from riding a cruiser. I pulled away from a car in the corners today, and I wasn't even trying. That never happened on the cruiser, ever. Kinda nice!

    Hi Bobskoot,
    For now I'm going to try to work with the bike's height. Last option is to lower it. But I might try altering the seat, and maybe different boots. I don't have motorcycle specific boots, but I've read that they have a stickier sole. Right now I stop like a foot down, the other on the peg. Backing up is the only tricky part.

  7. Thanks Mike,
    Yeah I hate those white painted surfaces. LOL - wheelies and stoppies...That will make the commute more interesting. The bike is facing outward once again tonight, but I'm determined to master backing the bike. Maybe we should add a ramp to the end of our driveways to really launch out of the garage...neighbors should enjoy that I think. :)

    Hi Irondad, and thanks
    Yes Taylors in Woodburn. We have sort of a history with them. My first bike was an old vulcan 500 with many problems, though wicked fun to ride. My first long ride was up there. We got caught in a major downpour (my first) came in like a couple of drowned rats. I don't remember what was going on with the bike, but they put it up on a rack, and fiddled with it a bit. (Later we learned it was running on 1 cylinder among other problems) Anyway, I was always impressed with the folks there and was pleased to do business with them again. Of course, come to think of it, most dealers/stores I've visited have been pretty nice folks.

    Thanks for the tip. What you describe is how I've been stopping. It's what feels the best. I tried it with both feet and it didn't feel stable enough.

    Thanks for the link (I think), I'll check it out. :)

  8. Hi Trobairitz
    Glad you enjoyed the pics.
    You're right, phototag is just down the road a bit, and one I recognize too! I'll have to see if I can pop by there after work. I think I even have a pic already, but I suppose that doesn't count! :)

  9. Get that lower kit quick Kari. You want that to be flatter footed for you. Once you get that where you can reach the ground you'll get used to turning it around and all that. Enjoy each day! Now it's my turn....bye!!
    my verification word is shine...which is what the sun is doing right now!

  10. Before you buy a lowering kit, I'd suggest two things:

    1. Set the suspension up correctly for your weight. This will often lower the bike on its own.

    2. Allow the suspension to "settle." It's a new bike. My SV settled almost 1/4 inch in the few months after I bought it.

    Ok, maybe three things:

    3. Consider a custom seat. Don Weber in Albany can make you a seat that'll drop the height nearly an inch.

    Between these three things, I went from nearly tiptoe to being close to flatfooting the SV... all without a lowering kit. I'm glad, because I can't stand lowering kits in general -- they usually mess up the suspension geometry.

  11. Hi Eve,
    I don't usually stop with such tippy toes. I put one foot down and the other on the peg. I'm generally not quite so precariously perched as I look in the photo. I'm working on backing up technique, but I'm really waiting for sliders to be installed before practicing in earnest. They may not help, but I'll feel better thinking they'll protect the bike some if she goes over.

    I lowered the suzuki which really messed up it's handling. I'm afraid to go that route again. After all I bought this bike for it's handling! :)
    I can get a lower seat and/or have my seat redone that will get me an inch or so lower.

    Sorry for the late reply...I've been getting a lot of errors with blogger lately.

  12. Hi Stacy,
    Thanks for the advice on the suspension. Don Weber...Mr Ed's moto? I've heard many good reports on his work. Will definitely be stopping by there one of these times. Local business too...a plus!

    Per lowering links. That was my experience with the Suzuki. To be fair I don't think we set it up correctly...didn't change the front along with the back, etc. I was a very new rider, so it didn't feel that different to me at the time. But shortly before we sold it we went back to the stock link, and oh my, what a difference. I'm pretty determined not to mess with the suspension at this point.