Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A little bit of my commute this week

I beat the rain...lots of rain...a Noah's ark kind of rain. It was a really nice ride home. Bad weather was the farthest thing from my mind. It's a little strange, because it was actually spitting rain, but I didn't give it a second thought. I stopped for gas, then headed towards home. I'm safe and warm in the house, and Sam is snuggled in the garage, when the rain comes, in spades...or buckets. Lots of buckets.
 Notice too, that Sam is not facing out. This marks the week I start backing her out on my own. We also park in "our" parking spot at work. The one I have to back into, rather than flipping a U and parking on the opposite side. Nothing wrong with either spot. It's just that the one spot is my spot. It's where we belong. Sam looks good there.

I see four Salem motorcops this morning - eye candy!...sigh.  As if I'm not nervous enough riding when other riders are around, I have two of Salem's finest sitting across the intersection from me, waiting for the light. I really want to grab the camera and take their picture, but I think they might frown on that since I'm in the middle of five lanes of traffic. I'm "en pointe" in a low spot in the left turn lane, trying to stay upright, and hoping I trigger the signal. I know I have to ride off without dropping the bike, killing the motor, or horror of horrors, lifting the front wheel off the ground, something I can't do, but would manage to do just because I have an audience across the intersection. I attempt to maintain the persona of a saintly, little, law-abiding citizen. No need to scrutinize further,  no need to follow. Chubby, little, middle aged women can generally appear angelic and get away with most things. But I'm not sure that works when riding a garish, lime green ninja. As Kermit would say: It ain't easy being green...
After I make my turn I spot two more motor cops up ahead riding side by side. I love the BMW Police bikes. I like them more every time I see them. It's especially nice that they are in front of me, and not behind me. This is how it should be. I turn off toward work, and they continue on their way. No tickets today. What am I saying...I never get tickets, just a verbal warning now and then. It's good to be angelic :)


  1. hahaha! Sometimes it's hard not to get a ticket riding a crotch rocket Kari! So you like them BMW's aye!! No matter what they say the grass is NOT always GREENER on the other side!! hahahaha!

    PS: this is only in reference to color...not the awesomeness of a BMW! hahahaha!

  2. Very nice write-up Kari! I had a smile on my face the whole time. I was in Salem yesterday and I ride one of them-there BMW's. When I'm there again and I see a green Ninja, I'm pullin' you over! Unless of course you do a wheelie then I'll get out of your way!

  3. Kari:

    Well, I don't have a Beemer (Yet), so I'll do the next best thing. I'll plaster some Roundels on both sides of my gas tank and come down there looking for green ninjas. And as Mike says, if you're doing a wheelie, I'll step aside

    Wet Coast Scootin

  4. Hi Eve
    lol - It's less green in my wallet if I get caught! :)
    I'm used to the Harley police bikes, so the Beemers are a treat.

    Hi Mike,
    Ha! Catch me if you can!! I'm savin' my wheelies for the days I have to take the freeway. Spice up the commute a bit.

    Hi Bobskoot.
    You're gonna need those pretty blue and red lights too, and a siren. If I'm gonna make a run for it I want the full deal! :)

  5. What is it with us law abiding citizen gettin nervous when the police is around, I always have a bit of anxiety coming up when I see a cop behind or next to me...
    I love the Kermit quote, by the way.

  6. Hi Sonja,
    Yes, they have a way of making one feel guilty even when innocent. And I am innocent once and a while! :)

  7. The best safety device in the world is a cop in your rearview mirror!

    Funny post. By the way, are those your horns sticking up out of your halo?

  8. Hi Irondad,
    That may be, but I still prefer them in front of me. :)

    Horns? What horns?? No horns here!!

  9. Kari:

    Re: Your comment on SonjaM

    "Oh yeah! Gotta have the crocs. The perfect finishing touch to go with your cheery, yellow bike. I spotted some ninja green ones over on Bob's post. :) "

    oh goodie, another convert ! We can bring down a pair of Ninja Green ones for you if you are unable to find a pair where you are, but I really think that PINK is more in.

    Wet Coast Scootin