Sunday, May 23, 2010

Of Buzzards and Old Bikes

I hit a buzzard today, or maybe the buzzard hit me! Stupid Bird!! Apparently Mr. buzzard has partaken of too much road kill and couldn't attain enough lift when he decided to spring up out of the grass. He glanced off the top of my helmet, then not satisfied, circled back across the road trying to take Ron out too. Stupid bird!

The following conversation took place across the chatterbox:

K: I just hit a bird!

R: Did you just hit that bird??

R: I wish I had my camera!!

According to Ron,  there was one little ninja rider and one big bird with really big flapping wings all meshed into one. Not to be out done, one little tweety bird had to scoot across my path, and I had to slow for a vulture having a meal in the road before finally pulling into my driveway. Gee, I'm glad the deer decided to stay home! I'm not sure but I suppose this means I have to replace the helmet? Does a buzzard skittering across the top of my helmet constitute a hit? I dunno, but anyway, no ninjas were harmed in the making of this exciting ride.

Now for the fun stuff!
We spent a little time over at the Oregon Vintage Motorcycle show at Benton County Fairgrounds in the pouring rain. Noah should have been there with his vintage ark. Today all pictures are courtesy of Ron K. We visited the official show and the "unofficial parking lot show". Both were very good. Wonderful collection of bikes, and most looked as though they were daily riders, not some specialty show piece that never sees the road. I think that makes them all the better.
There were little ones 
Little bit bigger ones.
Green ones:
Itty, bitty red ones:
The closest we could come to finding our old Kawasaki was this one:
Here's our first bike: 76(?) Kawasaki 400. Photo taken in 1985. I've posted it before.
This one is nice:
I'm liking these cafe racers(?) more and more.
I saw a black one being ridden out of the parking lot that was spectacular.
One to pack the pup along: I love the style of this sidecar.
This was a pretty awesome showing of bikes and bike related goodies. We hadn't heard of this show/meet before this year. We'll be back next year, hopefully the rain will not. Cheers!


  1. Great bikes Kari. That must have been fun! Well, not hitting the those birds are scary enough as it is! But to hit one!! My hubby also hit a bird this weekend. I didn't see it, and didn't hit it either. Finally got my 1000 miles!! Took it down to have the service was the "bike of the day"! You should hear that baby roar! Awesome!!!! This was the first time I didn't bring my camera too.....arrgggg!

  2. I am glad that you and the Ninja get off lightly in the big bird encounter. What was this vulture thinking?
    Awesome bike shots, especially the Triton Cafe racer. Lovely!

  3. Glad you survived the bird attack, that's just crazy.
    I also can't believe I missed you at the OVM Show, I can see 10guy's hi-vis jacket in a couple of your pics. Now I'll have to go through my pics to see if I caught you two sneaking around.

  4. Hi Eve,
    Congrats on the 1000!! Woot! I bet she sounds glorious! LOL--I hate it when I don't grab the camera for a big event! :)

    Hi Sonja,
    Yes, I'm glad we got off lightly too :)
    It happened very fast. Didn't even have time to panic. Yeah, the Triton's pretty sweet.

  5. Hi Troubadour,
    Crazy birds indeed! They were flitting in front of me today on my commute. At least these were little ones. Kinda hard to spot anyone at the show. Everyone was bundled up in raincoats. We saw Misty in the parking lot.

  6. Nice bikes there, Kari. I saw that BMW with the sidecar last year at a vintage BMW event.

    Great, one more thing to watch out for... birds!

  7. Hi Mike,
    Yep, always something out there to watch out for. Today I had deer on the commute, but they were well off the road.

  8. Did you see that Alfred Hitchcock film "The Birds"? Glad you were ok. Nice old bikes - the second photo is a GT750 Suzuki which is a water-cooled triple. Seeing the photo bought back good memories as I used to have one!

  9. Hi Gary,
    lol - yes I've seen the Birds. Fortunately this fellow's aim wasn't too good.

    There were several of the water-cooled Suzukis there. Nice bike. First time I'd seen many of the older bikes as I have almost no history with motorcycles. Thanks for stopping by. :)