Monday, May 10, 2010

Which came first the Goose or the Egg?

Our daughter came down from the big city for Mother's day. She hadn't seen Cheadle Lake yet, so off we went packing along the little dog and the big camera. The day before Ron and I spotted a family of Geese; mom, dad and 6 little Goslings. These were the ones I posted for mother's day. I hoped to get a few more pictures. We didn't see the family, but while hiking I had to sneeze (darn allergies), and when I did I startled a goose that flew off to the lake. We went closer to see what was up and found this:
We continued our hike hoping that the goose would come back, and sure enough upon our return back down the trail she (or maybe he) was on the nest. This time she wasn't leaving! She called in her mate who came rushing over, and they both stood near the nest hissing at us. I didn't know geese could hiss! I know they can charge, and they have a mean beak. These two held their ground but did nothing more.
I think there are more geese at the lake this year. It seems like there is more goose pooh to step over. It's fun to see the babies. There was also a duck and ducklings out for a swim. Before we left we finally spotted the other goose family with the goslings. I think there are seven or eight goslings actually.
Time to get the kayaks down from the rafters and go for a paddle on the lake.


  1. Wow, you got up close and personal with them! Great shots! I didn't know they could hiss either.

    Yesterday I saw a Bald Eagle soaring over Emanual Medical Center downtown. I snapped some photos but they didn't turn out well. That's the first time I've seen an Eagle.

    Looking forward to pics of you and Ron kayaking!

  2. Hi Mike,
    Cool that you spotted an eagle, and in downtown, how about that! I don't remember ever seeing an eagle until a few years ago. It was after we started cycling, in 2003. I wonder if they are on the increase, because I see more each year. They are awesome to spot.