Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My wildest commute yet.

The morning ride was spectacular. Yes, the roads were wet, but the rain had stopped and the clouds were gorgeously wild. I'm sporting a new helmet this week. It's the same model and brand as my last one, but this one seems quieter. I haven't puzzled out why this should be. Still the beautiful skies and a quiet ride made for a very peaceful morning. Too bad I had to go to work.

My afternoon commute was not spectacular. Well, maybe it was spectacular, but who could take the time to look around and see if it was so. It started out well enough. Grey and a little rain - big deal. It was quite windy though - great! Wind, my great nemesis. Yellow bike was back - wave, wave. I hadn't seen him for a couple months. Somewhere along Enchanted Way the storm hit. Rain and wind of a caliber that would rule out speeding. I was stuck behind a truck and trailer, so it was a moot issue. As a bonus, there was a cop sitting at the end of the road...and everyone was well under the limit.

There is a big S-curve after I turn onto the highway. Once past the curve, the wind and rain turned ferocious. I could see the wind whipping the rain through the valleys between the hills. At least it gave warning to brace for the push. The bad thing was in one valley it came from the west, in the next it was from the east. If I could peel my eyes off the road, I'd be looking for funnel clouds. I'm down to 40-48 mph, tucking behind the screen, hanging on with my knees and trying to keep hands and shoulders relaxed (yeah right).I don't know if any of this helps, but it feels like it helps. Did I ever mention how ridiculous it feels to tuck in when riding at a puny 40 mph? Fortunately the pick-up driver stuck behind me was a patient sort. By the time we pulled into Jefferson things had calmed down significantly. The rest of the ride was uneventful. No pics...the camera blew away. Nah, it didn't but I definitely wasn't going to pull it out and take pics on the fly today.

I'll probably ride tomorrow.


  1. There's NO same in crouching at that speed...Yikes....not many people would want to be out in it at all! Way to go!

  2. Scary stuff! How do you think the cruiser would've done? The quieter helmet probably helped keep the noise factor down with the wind.

    This is the time of year we get unusual weather patterns that blow in and out. Going slow and hunkering down was a good plan. Glad you're okay!

  3. Hi Eve
    Can't say I wanted to be in it. It's just that it was between me and getting home. Today I drove and go figure...the weather was tame.

    Hi Mike,
    I don't think I rode the cruiser in that much wind, but being heavier, it probably would not be pushed around as easily.

    I'm ready for this weather to blow out and stay out!