Tuesday, June 15, 2010


That was the first clue that there was something other than rain falling from the sky. Maybe not the first clue. Plink, PLINK! There was that sheet of gloom that denotes falling precipitation. There was the giant water globs rolling down my visor. There was the standing water that made the road more suited to a kayak than a motorcycle. PLINK,  PLINK, PLINK, PLINK, PLINK!!! The other clues? Little white pebbles coming to rest on my sleeve and my gloves. The mesh ones - because it's practically summer so why not wear the mesh ones.

The hail doesn't pile up, but there are nice little streams of water running down the lane. Like a dependable horse, Sam is a sure footed little bike. She knows where to roll. She doesn't slip or shudder in the water. She doesn't hesitate. She simply follows the line that's laid out for her. Yes, a good bike. I should go give her a polish (except she disdains polishing). Perhaps some tender-lovin' chain maintenance instead.

So now I can add hail to my list of nasty stuff I've ridden in. I think I've covered everything except snow and ice.

No pics because the camera was in the tank bag slowly getting wet. 

No worries, it still works...here's a pic from our walk this evening.
Nasty storms make nice puddles to reflect the pretty clouds that linger.

Note to self: get some armored gloves...it might help with the hail hits...


  1. I don't think I've ridden in hail yet. Nice description of your ride. Sounds like Sam took it in stride. It's good that you're getting all these weather related "tests" with her out of the way this spring.

    Very nice image taken on your walk! I like reflection shots

  2. Ahhh yes, I remember it fondly. I had just signed the papers on my brand new Triumph America and I was watching the skies from the showroom windows. "Think I can make it?" I asked my lovely bride regarding riding my new, unfamiliar bike home whilst dodging March rain showers. "Sure" she said, "it has stopped raining and the sun is shining". Adding "look at all the blue sky to the North".
    Needless to say, the hail came, accumulated and had me riding home in the tracks through the hail for several miles. Fortunately, my chase vehicle was following me in case I needed to remind her of our prior conversation. Good times and fond memories.
    Welcome to the club, all hail bluekat!!!

  3. Kari:

    on our ride to Harrison Hot Springs in May, SonjaM & myself got caught in hail, then it poured "cats and dogs" .

    Wet Coast Scootin

  4. I don't know how you do it Kari...ride in the hail AND take such a nice picture! I love the reflection!

  5. Hi Mike,
    I'm ready for these tests to be over! I notice the bad weather always shows up just as I get off work.

    lol - isn't that the way it always goes! It's really not fair to get a new bike and have to ride home in such nasty weather! But what a memory to cherish and a great tale to tell. I'm glad you and the Truimph survived the ride! I won't ask what you muttered under your breath in your helmet, or if you had to stop and go over the conversation again. :)

  6. Hi Bobskoot,
    I recall reading about your ride. Makes me wonder if anyone rides in sunshine anymore! Getting hit with falling cats and dogs would be most unpleasant!

    Hi Eve,
    Not too long ago you were getting all the nasty weather...now you have sunshine and flowers. I heard on the news tonight that roses have been effected by the rain. They aren't opening right or something. Oh well, July 5th is coming. That is usually the official end of the rainy season. Can't let the 4th be dry, that just wouldn't do.

  7. You are gaining valuable experience all the time.

    Congratulations. You are showing all the signs of a "serious" rider. You have my respect, Kari!

  8. Hi Irondad,
    Coming from you that means a lot. Thank you. :)

    Now I'd like to gain some valuable experience riding in the sunshine and 75 degree weather...I don't think I've done enough of that and need more practice!