Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sunshine, High Water, and a Cop Encounter

Friday I went  to fill the tank on the Ninja. You know how that goes. You ride 20 miles to go to the gas station three blocks away. Somehow I found myself out of town along the river, so I went to check out the river level at the diversion dam. On my commute the day before I had noticed the river was up. Sure enough, the dam is practically submerged. It's rarely that high in winter, yet here it is in June.
 This is how it looked in April, closer to normal.

With sunshine putting in an appearance today we decided a ride was in order. Maybe it's a kayaker thing, but I wanted to go look at the rivers, specifically out by Buena Vista. We made our way through Jefferson and Ankeny Wildlife Refuge, then crossed the Willamette river at Independence. Sure enough I spot the first sign that says the Buena Vista ferry is closed. We ride down to the nearby boat dock to find this:

Can't imagine why they don't want to run the ferry across the river.
There is a boat dock under there somewhere.

On our return to Albany we pass an officer on the side the road. It takes a while but he finally pulls Ron over. I stop ahead and wait. I don't know if the officer was disappointed, we were about 5mph (indicated) under the speed limit. Maybe we were going too slow! Nope, nothing to do with the speed. Apparently nothing can be attached to a helmet. Not a chatterbox, camera, spike or even a sticker. Seriously a sticker? No ticket, he just thought we should know. :)
I carry my chatterbox in my tank bag and I left my spike at home, so I was a law abiding citizen this day. I wish I'd have thought to pull out the camera and snap a photo though. We finished the ride with a stop at The Beanery for a treat, and Ron took the time to call and order an extension cable for his chatterbox.


  1. So, it is not only me doing this. Apparently checking out water levels of nearby rivers and lakes is a very normal thing to do. Glad you enjoyed your ride.

  2. Cop was bored and wanted to see Ron's bike. I consulted an attorney and he could not find anything in the Oregon Revised Statutes. Hence the cop only gave Ron a warning.

    I'm going to go put a sticker on my helmet right now in defiance.

  3. Hi Sonja,
    Thanks, it was really nice having a ride in the sunshine for once.

  4. Hi Troubadour,
    I don't know any attorneys, but I'm not surprised. We thought he looked a little bored and lonely out there on a sunny afternoon. I like the sticker idea, I may have to find one to add to mine. :)

  5. Glad you got out for a ride in the sun, high water and all. Sorry about your encounter with the cop, although thanks for passing on the helmet rule. Now I've got to remove my purple mowhawk from my helmet.

    I like the photo of your bikes by the invisible dock!

  6. That is deep! The bike looks great Kari! Glad Ron didn't get a ticket...but STICKERS!!!...come on!

  7. Hi Mike,
    I don't know how I missed your post! You can keep your mowhawk. We've since heard from several sources that we were perfectly legal. Therefore your mowhawk is legal, and now I fully expect you to be wearing it when we finally get a ride in sometime! (note to sure to bring the camera!)