Friday, June 11, 2010

Topcase and Stuff

 An aside...
After some consideration, I have decided to reopen my photography blog. If you have an interest in photography, please feel free to stop by. My goal is to have a place where I can focus on photography without photography taking over this spot. Now if we get some nice weather, maybe I can get a ride in to post about.

Ok, back to the subject at hand...
A couple weeks ago I added a topcase to the Ninja. I needed a way to carry things on my bike, and a backpack just doesn't cut it, so Sam got a new tail. My first worry was if I could see around that thing in the mirrors. Not a problem. I catch a small corner of the topcase, but that's it. The view to the back is no worse than it was before the installation. It's still tough to spot cops in those vibrating mirrors though.
I should mention the topcase came from Sears. Yep, I cheaped out. This is the larger size.  I had been told it would fit the Givi rack (FZ449), but we needed to add some bolt holes. Ron drilled out the plate to fit and it's ready to go.
So far it has stayed dry inside. It's been well tested in several major deluges and a few gentle showers.  I sure hope it will hold up in the sunshine. The key and latch can be a little cumbersome, but I don't know how it compares to better cases. If the case is full inside, the lid pushes upward, making it a two-hand job to open. If I turn the key past the unlock point, it remains locked. I have to find the sweet spot where it will release. All minor issues, but I thought I would mention them.
I can fit my helmet and jacket, or I can fit my jacket and riding pants. For work I carry a big bag of whatever I need that day, along with the camera and lunch. Works well. I just grab the bag and go.


  1. Kari:

    I always liked the fact of being able to lock up my helmet rather than hanging on a hook, plus more secure to store your camera(s), plus now you can go shopping for shoes . . .

    Wet Coast Scootin

  2. Congrats on your top case. Looks good and convenient for carrying things too.

    Bobskoot wouldn't be hinting at a pair of green Crocs to go with the Ninja would he? Works for your riding blog and you can take pics of them for your photo blog too.

    Happy riding in the upcoming sunshine. I think summer has finally arrived.

  3. I'll say it here again... congratulations on re-starting your photography blog! Well done!

    Nice top case! They are pretty handy. I can't imagine not having one, although I'll let you in on a little secret. Don't tell anyone else. On some shots I clone my top case out when I want the bike to have a certain look (or I'm too lazy to pop it off). There I've said it! Photo manipulation gone wild!

  4. Hi Bob,
    Hope you're feeling better! Yeah, I prefer to have everything locked up inside. I can't always do that, and then I fret the whole time I'm away from the bike. Yep, now I can get to that shoe shopping. :)

    Hi Trobairitz,
    Thanks, it's convenient...not so sure about looks good, lol. Yes that's what Bobskoot is hinting. I was thinking a nice shade of blue, for bluekat, but I don't think that will pass muster.

    Thanks Mike,
    It's been very nice not having all my stuff on my back. I like your secret - lol - now I'll have to be watching closer!

  5. Finally, a storage place for your green crocs! Congrats on the bargain.

  6. Thanks Sonja,
    Now I just have to find some.

  7. This is a handy little tool Kari. As your Ninja mile pile on my Iron miles have come to a daughter is home from school and we have been busy with other things...and I only have a solo seat.....maybe time to rethink that. Been busy on the weekend but I'm hoping to get out on the open road soon.

  8. Hi Eve,
    When I had the cruiser I wanted to make it a solo seat - love the look, but never made the change. Summer does have a way of getting busy. Time spent with our children is always precious!

  9. I'm just now catching up here. Sounds like you have had an interesting time, lately!

    Next thing you know you'll have saddlebags, too. Then it might cross your mind that you should have purchased a sport-tourer. :)

    To Mike,

    With all the trouble I have cloning, it seems it would be much easier to take the trunk off!

  10. lol - I know side cases are in the cards...I'm already running out of room, but I'm still in denial I need that much storage. And I haven't even started touring yet! Where am I going to put stuff then!! Oh yeah, I'll put it on Ron's bike! :)