Thursday, July 15, 2010

Catching up on my Week

I've neglected the blog of late. I've been doing something old fashioned and quaint. I've been reading a book. The kind with paper and ink. It's a refreshing change from the digital life. I had a strange problem while reading. I was sitting at the computer desk and when I went to turn the page I clicked the mouse. Seriously! I did it more than once. I definitely need to spend more time away from the computer.
With a motorcycle trip coming up it was time to do some maintenance. Ron had a first: he changed his own tire. A manual, some tools a couple internet resources, and everything worked out quite well.
Improvised balancing stand. Not sure how well it works.
While Ron was working on the tire Sam was getting a bath...her first. No pics of the bath, but afterwords...
 ...All purty now. Appropriate foot attire was used for the bike wash and was left drying in the sun...took about 2 minutes. 
Back to the tire change...A shiny, new tire.
The bike? Not so shiny or new. (Still, we love her.)
Later the boys had some bonding time, working on the Honda ... get ready for this:
A man of few words. I asked him to let me know how his BRT went. 
Geez, I know he's Mr. speedy-texter. It's not like he couldn't tap out a few more details.



  1. Congratulations to Chris! I believe Dean W was one of his instructors. Great guy.

    See you in Bend?

  2. Thanks Irondad
    I'm very happy for him...even though he's not allowed to go faster than 35 mph! He said his instructors were Dean and jack.

    We're planning to meet up with the Corvallis group and ride over to Bend. See ya then :)