Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's Alive! I've got the bad video to prove it.

Tinker, fiddle, wrench, cuss, fiddle, tinker, vroom! We fussed with the new toy this weekend. I should explain that in our household  "we" means Ron. We didn't burn down the garage when we powered it up. (I always picture explosions when we have some "project" happening in the garage that includes combustible liquids.) I'm not sure why, we haven't lost a garage yet.
 The carnage
The itty-bitty, CB 200T is a runner. Bobskoot if you need a spare ride when in Oregon, your chariot awaits! I don't think I'd try to cross any mountains on it though.

So, here it is in it's rawest, uncut format: my pitiful attempt at video (please hold your applause until the end). I don't know why all the plants are purple. Pretend they're green. Sing some Foghat while you watch. It'll set the mood.  Slow ride...take it easy...


  1. Well I think it's a great job by both of you Kari. I think Bob could probably take that little one in his pocket! Love the video...I'm even trying to figure out what kind of birds I hear singing in it!!! hahahaha!

  2. Kari:

    Thank Ron for me. Perhaps bore it out to make it go faster. Nice you are thinking about me

    Wet Coast Scootin

  3. Good job you two. It is awesome you got it running.

  4. Hi Eve,
    I'm not sure which birds were singing (or laughing). I didn't even notice them at the time, but they sure are loud on the vid.

    Hi Bobskoot.
    Isn't that standard procedure, get it running then make it faster? :)

    Thanks Trobairitz
    More like a miracle he got it running :)
    (Did I say that with my outloud voice?)