Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to the land of internet, cell phone service, electricity, and showers.

Just when Irondad does a write up on downhill curves, and all I want to do is go out and practice riding, off we go and leave all two-wheeled conveyances at home. Not a moto and narry a bicycle will be with us this weekend. We'll be on four wheels, or two feet, or no-wheeled floaty kayaks. At least I hope they still float!
I never make it up for a sunrise, so while loading the cage what a treat to look to the east and spot the sunrise.
What a waste on four wheels. I was semi-pouting, missing the bikes while traveling along  curvy Santiam pass.
At least there is time to take in the views.
Entering Bend we spotted one of Bend's finest up ahead (where all cops should be, in front that is). Lady motorcop. I rather like that. She turned off before we could get a good pic. One detour at REI in Bend, then onto Newberry Crater National Monument and Paulina Lake. We found a great lakeside site with about a trillion mosquitoes. We found a roadside campsite with only a million mosquitoes. We sat up camp with the million mosquitoes and headed to East Lake where kayaks were available.
East Lake Resort
Rick and Jeanette rented a double Sit-on-top kayak while Ron and I unloaded our singles into the lake.
About the time we all got on the water we noticed a rather ominous cloud hovering above. It would hold off on the thunder until we were about 2/3 across the lake. One clap of thunder and a few boats headed to shore. We head back toward the lodge just in case we decide to play it safe. Foolish fun (and non-refundable rental fees) won over discretion. We paddle past the lodge along the southern shoreline. The cloud had moved on anyway.
I thought this little mallard was going to jump into the boat. She was very friendly.

It was time to return to the lodge. It had been calm but of course, about the time we headed across the water the wind picked up. A few more boats coming in stirred up a few wakes to ride over as well. Wind and wakes - What fun! It only got tricky at the ramp where swells became breakers. Still we managed to crawl out of the yaks without tipping.
Back at camp we had a meal of chicken fajitas, potato salad, baked beans, and whatever other camp foods we could throw in the mix. 
After dinner we took a short (1 mile) hike up big obsidian flow.
obsidian boulders
  Little trees growing out of the rocks.
For some reason I was under the impression that the trail would be blacktop. I wouldn't recommend crocs for this hike. They survived unscathed, but there are some wicked looking rocks in the trail. 
View from the top.
The afternoon thunder storms had become beautiful evening skies.
Hand of God? Eye of Sauron? Cool effect anyway.
 On the way back down the clouds are captivating.
Perhaps we left too soon??
Damn, that looks like a fine sunset!! Why didn't we wait!!!

More to come...hope it's not boring :)


  1. Looks like you had a great time. Beautiful photos too. We keep saying that one of these days we're going camping and will take the canoe out. Still haven't managed to do it yet.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. BlueKat:

    very nice photos, especially the kayak ones. I remember going to Paulina Lake around 1994 in our 'Vette. The road was not paved back then and everyone marvelled that we would drive our car there.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  3. Now I know about the mosquito's, on my recent cross country trip I camped at Crater National Park and you couldn't survive without spraying yourself, there were gazillions of mosquitoes :-( mosquitoes don't usually bite me but there I was surrounded, I had never seen anything like it :-)
    Nice photos :-)

  4. Wonderful photos! I think my favorite is the sunrise. Great colors. Do you use a different camera when you're on the water?

    Millions, billions, trillions, gazillions. What's next?

  5. I really like the sunrise photo. It seems the only time I ever see the sunrise is on the way to work, never seem to see it on my days off...

    I don't believe I have ever seen a female motor officer.

  6. Not boring at all Kari! I love the post. The photos are stunning! What a different look that you have. Spectacular!!! More please!!!

  7. Kari, kayaking/canoeing are one of the few legitimate reasons for not being on two wheels. I could come up with a few more but I don't want you to get all the wrong ideas for the right reasons ;-)
    I am in awe, your pictures are great, I especially admire the Eye of Sauron! It looks like you had a blast.

  8. Hi Trobairitz,
    Thank you, it was a great time although I wasn't very motivated at the beginning. The kayaks have been hanging in the garage for well over a year. We love to kayak but it's so hard to find the time. Maybe we all need to do a float down the Willamette. :)

    Hi Bobskoot
    I love it that you'd take the Vette on unpaved roads! :)
    I love a beautiful car, but I love the ones that get used in the real world best! Thanks.

    Hi George
    Oh yeah, Crater Lake is notorious for mosquitoes. Nasty bug spray is a must! I hope you enjoyed Crater Lake despite all the skeeters. :)

    Hi Richard and Thank You,
    I have a dslr, but it hasn't seen much use since getting the G11. I use the G11 on the water. I keep it in a pelican case and bring it out as needed. It's a risk I'm willing to take (not that I won't cry and pout if I drop it in a lake)...then I'll go shopping :)

  9. Hi Gordon,
    Thanks. It's a shame to waste a nice day off by getting up early for a sunrise, but we needed an early start, so there ya go. :)
    I hadn't seen a female motor officer before that day either.

    Hi Eve,
    Glad it's not too boring, and thank you for the compliments. I still have one more day to post. :)

    Thank you Sonja,
    I love wrong ideas for the right reasons! It was a very nice weekend. I'm thankful to my brother in law and his wife for inviting us along.

    It's bad that there are so many places here in Oregon that Ron and I have never visited, and we've been here all our lives. We're trying to remedy that now.

  10. Kari:

    I was just thinking that the GoProHD camera has a waterproof housing. You will be able to get great underwater shots with it. Perfect for Kayak use.

    As for the riding video, my camera was fixated on the rider ahead with the Green Crocs

    Wet Coast Scootin

  11. The female motor cop is Liz. She and another motor came over to participate in our Advanced Motor Training class at the end of June. I was one of her instructors. Liz is a good rider.

    Your sunset photo lighting is awesome. A lot of your other photos are so sharp and clear. You are now my new hero!

  12. Hi Bob,
    It would be perfect for kayaking. :)
    I could video my kayak rolling prowess...almost as proficient as my cornering! There are a lot of times when I can't put the paddle down to get a photo. So many great photo ops on the river.

    Hi Dan,
    I wondered if she had been through one of you classes. Very cool! I hope she showed up the boys. ;)

    Ah shucks! Thanks for the compliment on the photos. :)
    I have to admit for the sunset ones I pretty much just left the camera on auto and it did the work. Frankly, I'm impressed with your willingness to learn about your camera and all the settings. It's one of my weak points...not wanting to master the tool. Besides, I'm just selective...all the blurry icky ones never make it to public view.