Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lurking in the tall grass...Just another day on the commute.

I had a scary moment this morning. Not the run off the road-hit something painful-I'm gonna die moment, but more of a oooh, this could hurt the pocket book moment.

One County Sheriff nestled back alongside a tall grass field, right between a couple of nice corners, where I've never seen one before...
                     a cop that is - sneaky fellow!

He worked better than coffee (but not as good as deer) to wake me up. I let Sam slow to a pleasant (looks suspiciously guilty) 54 indicated.

Usually I'm cooler headed than to be that obvious.
              Off my game I guess...
Glad I didn't target fixate. Hello Officer, just thought I'd drop in...nevermind the bike in the front seat...

       He didn't pull out.

               YAY - He didn't pull out!!

       Wait a minute...
Now I'm insulted! The ninja green barely got a nod.
                                Maybe I wasn't going as fast as I thought!  
       Just how fast was I going?

                  Maybe I should go faster? :)

Be careful on Kamph Road...who knew that they knew that more than farmers pass that way.
                 No Pics cuz I was busy looking innocent.

I did get a couple nice pics from our walk this evening. Ok, I'm grasping here. I wanted to blog and I got nothing...It was a pleasant walk though. :)
A sweet little Suzi
Black and White
As it should be...out in the open where it can be spotted from way, Way, down the road. They should always park this way. Makes things much easier.

Have a good rest of the week!


  1. Well, yes, better to be disappointed than have to pay for that! I'll never forget when I got my first ticket on the Katana. Been riding with my best friend who had a brand new 883 that she was breaking in a 50 mph. It wasn't 4 miles after we said good bye that the blue lights came on! I asked the officer if she would give me a warning...when she came back she said "first, I think it's really cool that you are riding this bike, second, warning" hahahaha! I guess since I was pretty cool that the ticket wasn't so painful! hahaha! I thanked her and went on my way.
    Love that Suzie, reminds me of my old girl!

  2. I get that feeling of "grasping". There is a connection that comes from blogging--not only to the folks who read it, but even more so to our lives.

    Thanks for staying connected even though you thought you "got nothing".


  3. BlueKari:

    Last week I was following a large tandem truck trailer unit, so I changed to the left lane. I didn't realize that the vehicle immediately behind was an unmarked police car. So after I passed him, he also pulled over into the left lane behind me. The light changed and I pulled in front of the truck. After we both passed the truck he also pulled back into the right lane right behind me. I can tell you that going the speed limit feels really slow and painful. I decided to make a right turn at the next light, and immediately there was a school zone which means slow to 30km (around 15 mpg). If you think 50 mph is slow, try going 15 mpg with a cop on your tail. I made a left at the next light and thank goodness he went straight.

    You are lucky to not get a ticket, of course I know you don't speed

    Wet Coast Scootin

  4. Our son is a lurker... I mean policeman. It's interesting how we go through various emotions when we think we might get stopped. First guilt, then relief and happiness if we make it by. Policemen have the funniest stories.

  5. Interesting post, both the content and the formatting. I guess I'm one of those really annoying people who generally go the speed limit. One of the main reasons I have a gps on the bike is to have an accurate speedometer. The one on my old bike is wrong in both directions sometimes over and sometimes under. Rarely right.

    Nice post!

  6. Hi Eve,
    lol, isn't that how it goes sometimes. Nice try getting around the ticket, I'm glad it wasn't too painful. Hopefully there will be no repeats on the Iron! (not the speeding, just the getting caught!! :D

    Hi Circle Blue
    Good point. I very much enjoy the connections I've made with others, but there is a little part that is just for me. Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Bob,
    lol - I hate it when they do stuff like that. They're supposed to go around and be on their way, leaving us respectable citizens to tear up the highways in peace! Even when I'm below the limit I feel guilty (so unfair). At 30km I think my bike would fall over. I'm glad your officer got sensible and moved on. :)

    What me speed! ;D

  7. Hi Mike
    lol - Yep the whole gamut of emotions. That's awesome the your son is a policeman. I bet there are funny stories to be told. People get into the darnedest situations. If you're son does traffic, be sure he knows that green ninjas only looks fast. It's a optical illusion of the color. It's actually going just under the limit. Really! it's true. :)
    Prayers for safety for your son.

    Hi Richard,
    I have to confess I'm a bit of a lead foot...nothing horrible, just a little brisk sometimes. In town I stick pretty close to the limit. One of these days I need to move out of the dark ages and get a gps.

  8. What a coincidence. Had the looking innocent-while-driving-by moment as well today while driving down a steep hill in a 30km zone... If the oncoming cage hadn't used his high beam as attention-cops-ahead warning, I would certainly have 'won' a ticket...

  9. I confess, I love speed. I loved being out west on my cross country trip, almost never saw a cop and the roads were wonderful. I came back and last week got a ticket for going 40 in a 25mph zone, not on the bike but on my truck and on a road leading up to a mall where there's absolutely no cross roads, no pedestrian, nothing, but they do it to get money for the city. I hate the local cops, I never had a speeding ticket before. NJ is the worst, it's a police state, I wish I could move out west....;-) both my cars (Mustang Cobra and Cadillac CTS-V) and bike have radar detectors except for the truck, I'm now going to buy one for it :-)

  10. Hi Sonja,
    lol - that innocent while driving comes in handy! Glad you got an early warning, and didn't "win" anything!

    Hi George,
    I didn't know we had it better out this way. Sounds like NJ can get a little expensive for us leadfoot...twisty wrist types. This weekend we had another biker give us the slow down signal. We slowed, and sure enough, not too far down the road the man was waiting. We were settled into a nice sedate 54-55. It was fun watching all the cager brake lights come on up ahead of us. :)