Thursday, August 5, 2010

More from Paulina Lake

Saturday morning came early, and breakfast was a simple affair. How ever did we camp with all the kids!!!? A quick meal, a quick wash up, and we're ready for our hike around Paulina Lake.
Paulina Lake appears to be clearer than East Lake.
Little brown frog
 At one point we walk through Little Crater Campground. This is a nice campground. The sites are right along the shore. Once past the campground the trail takes up again. This is an especially nice section of the trail with rocky outcroppings into the water.
Paulina Peak and Paulina Lake
We hike past another obsidian flow. This one separates Paulina and East Lake.
Obsidian flow
I wonder why I'm getting out of breath (and the guys have fallen behind, hehe). We're gaining some elevation. Suddenly were are much higher than the lake. It's not long until we drop back down closer to shore.
 We arrive at Paulina Lake Lodge. The total hike is about seven miles. We scope out the restaurant and make reservations for dinner before heading back to camp and lunch.
Horses at the lodge.
And another.
My coworker and fellow rider, Randy informed me that we must go up to Paulina Peak. That was the plan for afternoon. It's a four mile drive or a two mile hike. 6,000 ft to almost 8,000 ft. Yeah, we'll drive, thank you.
Paulina Lake from Paulina Peak
Stunning views in all directions, and a wonderful, rugged landscape.
Big Obsidian Flow
It's hard to get a picture that does justice to the drop off along this side of the peak.
I think the one of the mountains in the background is broken top, but I'm not sure.
We did a whole lot of just staring...
Back down to the campground there is one more trail we need to explore. Little Crater trail is a short hike up to a vewpoint of Paulina Lake. About half way up the guys decide to return to the car. It's almost time for dinner, so they'll drive the car to the end of the trail, while Jeanette and I continue to the viewpoint. It seemed like we got to the view point quickly. Too quick. Now we wonder if we didn't hike far enough. But it looks like a view point, and it's time to turn around...dinner is waiting.

Dinner is at Paulina Lake Lodge.

Vegetarian Lasagna.
Smoked Pork Loin
There, see. I can remember to take food pics! The food was very good! Hiking, like bicycling seems to  create montrous appetites.
The view from our table.
After dinner we returned to Paulina Peak in hopes of great sunsets. The drive up to the peak is on a washboard, gravel road. Of course the washboard is in the corners, right where it can add the most thrill factor, along with the drop off at the edge of the road.
We have a short wait until sunset. No one stays outside of the car for long. There is a bone-chilling wind. We pass the time wagering on how long the latest arrival will defy the cold wind before retreating to the car. Some take less than a minute. I'm here for the sunset, but it doesn't look like it will amount to much. No dramatic clouds tonight.
Waiting for sunset
I'm jazzed about one arrival on the peak.
I'm not sure, but this looks to be an older bike, maybe? I would have loved to follow him up that gravel road...or back down. He came prepared with camera and tripod strapped to the bike.
My brother in law, who is known for sunsets, set my camera up with his settings. Sadly the sunset was anticlimactic after last nights show.
It was time to head back and get some sleep. We wanted to be up early to get packed up and head back to Bend for breakfast at Black Bear Diner. 
 Only one photo on Sunday; frozen water. I checked the thermometer and it was about 35 degrees F.


  1. BlueKat:

    excellent. you have great photos, did an epic hike and endured the chilling wind. but too cold for me with that iced water.

    That older GS looked great. almost too nice to ride up on the gravel roads.

    I can't remember, do you have the G10 or G11. I have a G10 which I hardly use. My main camera is a Lumix ZS3, with the G10 as backup or used for timed exposures. The ZS3 has 720p HD video mode

    looks like you had a good time enjoying nature

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  2. That is a really clear lake! I don't think I've ever seen a a lake with water that clear before.

    That is a really nice BMW R100GS airhead. They seem to be getting harder to find. It looks like you had a great trip. The obsidian flow looks interesting...

  3. Wow what an adventure Kari! Beautiful scenes!! But I don't like that ice!!!

  4. Paulina Lake looks like a great place to visit. Your photos are great. The bike,a 1991 R100GS, looks to be in pristine condition. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks Bobskoot,
    That's a treasured compliment coming from you. The iced water was too cold for me too, but we were already there! Thank goodness for down.

    The GS looked like new. I think it has had some tender loving care. I can't remember if I mentioned it in the blog, but the rider had a red jacket that had faded to pink. I like that...speaks of many miles on the road. (and how can you go wrong with pink!)

    I have the G11. I also looked at a Lumix, but I can't remember the number/version. It may have been the ZS3. I wasn't interested in video at the time, so figured the G would be fine...then I met this Canadian scooter rider & decided maybe video would be fun after all...the trouble some people stir up! :)

    We had a very nice time.

    Hi Richard,
    It was a nice trip. I was reluctant to go, but I had a great time after all. It was a nice bike. I've since learned more about them, since posting. I saw one today (a '93) that a local business man has. He also called it an airhead, so I had to go look, and it was the same, though different styling.

  6. Thanks Eve,
    lol - yeah we don't care for ice while camping either! We did stay warm enough though, so I can't complain. I was surprised to see it actually.

    Hi Gordon
    It is a great place to visit if you're ever in Oregon. The bike was like new. It was a joy to see it there on the mountain.
    Thanks :)