Friday, August 27, 2010

Ron's commute this morning

Photo courtesy of Ron Kropf


  1. Nice balloon shot! Must have been pretty early in the morning. Hot air balloon pilots like cold, dense air (more lift) and little wind. How often do you see them out?


  2. Stopping on I-5 on his motorcycle!?! That man is crazier than those people in he balloons.
    Great shot though. I got to see them on my commute too, from Peoria Rd all the way along Tangent Drive to 99E, a beautiful sight.

  3. I rode over to take some photos of the launch this morning. I don't know what's different than last year. This year I saw cars lined up to park as far as I could see. Went riding instead!

  4. Hi Richard,
    It was around 7:30. There is an art and air festival this weekend, so it's a special occasion. We don't see them too often otherwise. These were low to the ground. We went this (Sat.) morning and they were up and gone. Ron got the best pics on Friday.

  5. Hi, Troubadour
    I wondered who would call him on that stop. It's not the craziest thing he's done, but I thought he was getting old enough to know better...guess not. He got some nice shots though.

  6. Hi Dan,
    Best laid plans are often thwarted by "went riding instead". We went this morning and I was surprised at the crowds. My first time at a launch, so I don't know what's normal. We left a little early to beat the mad rush out of the parking area.

  7. You need to go on a balloon ride. It is a great experience especially if you have a nice sunny morning.

    A couple of balloon picures

    Years ago, I took a community college class where we made a hot air balloon (AX9 class, roughly 65' in diameter) and we got to go for rides. We took apart an old one to use as a pattern.

  8. Hi Richard,
    I think it would be fantastic to go up in a balloon. I'm not sure why I've never pursued it. I love being up high. I might be afraid to try it in a balloon of my own making. I think you were very brave to trust your balloon! :)