Sunday, August 22, 2010

To the Coast via highway 34

Finally, we rode Highway 34 to Waldport. We knew it would be a good ride from all the ride reports and videos we've seen. Pity it took so long to make this trip.The day started with gear shopping. I finally bit the bullet and ordered a heated jacket and controller. I don't think I'll make it through the winter on the Ninja without some heated gear, and it's time to start thinking about the fall season (and winter to follow).
Highway 34
Alsea Bay Bridge
Afterwords we headed out on highway 34 to an annual family campout/reunion. First is a stop in Waldport to add some layers against the cool air, and just to take a short break before heading towards Newport. Lunch will be at Flashbacks.
We manage to get a snapshot of the drinks, but plunge into lunch before getting the pics of lunch, so half of lunch it is.
Lunch at Flashbacks
Next stop is South Beach to visit with family. Ron gets talked in to giving a couple of rides. Cousin Brenda goes for a quick ride down to Ona Beach and back. She is too cute in the gear. I'm not sure if you can see it, but she has a big smile in both pics. 
Bob (with a mean left hook - really!) looking tough in his Joe Rocket jacket. Dot, his new bride thinks he looks quite hot in his gear. I would love to have a photo of Bob in my flowered helmet, but alas, it does not fit. He and Ron sneak a quick ride around the camping loop anyway. Bob and Brenda are father and daughter.
Uncle Bob - One bad biker dude!

Where are my footpegs?
Incriminating photo
 We return to the valley by way of highway 20. Boring and crowded, but we manage to find a nice spot in the flow of traffic just ahead of any towables. Thank you to the rider who gave us a head's up on the "vehicle sitting on the side of the road up ahead". We keep it at a saintly 55 mph while enjoying watching all the cages in front of us hit their brakelights. I need to remember to watch the motorcycle signals even when I'm in the car. We pass the cages on the next hill. ;)
Waldport Oregon


  1. Is Flashbacks just south of the Alcea Bridge at the intersection ? I sort of recall seeing it there and would have stopped but it wasn't time to eat yet. (Imagine me saying that). Lots of times you notice these Oldies kind of places but you never know if they are good or not.

    I have a heated vest but haven't used it in years, but I usually pack it with me. I had it in Bend. The heat is controlled by zipping or unzipping your jacket. Even during our July ride we had to use our heated grips in the mornings.

    Hwy 34 looks like a gem, on the map it has lots of wiggly lines. More than Hwy 20 but it was late and we couldn't spare the time to dawdle . Glad you had some quality time with family.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  2. Nice coast trip! We're blessed to have the Oregon coast so close and to explore it on two wheels.

    Uncle Bob looks like he'd be fun to ride with. Wow, there are a lot of bikes in your family!

  3. Bobskoot:
    Flashbacks is just south of the Yaquina Bay bridge in Newport. It's probably the place you saw. It has a 50's style of decor. We like to go there for hamburgers, and in my case a milk shake. They give you the metal container with the extra - Yum!

    Heated're tough like Irondad. I'm ready to have some warmth this winter. I've accepted that I'll have one more thing to plug and unplug. I'm torn between glove and grips. It's my fingertips that get cold and they aren't usually tight on the grip. I'm not sure they would help. But gloves are yet more wires and plugs - ugh!

    Highway 34 is wonderful, just ask any of the Corvallis bunch. Nice twisty turns, and light traffic.

  4. Hi Mike,
    Yes I agree, very blessed here in Oregon. The ocean is close, but so is the high desert and the mountains...our cup runneth over. :)

    Uncle Bob is a hoot, always. It's funny we never used to be a motorcycle kind of family. It's just sort of spread like a virus and a bunch of us became infected.