Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bicyclists in Kayaks and not a Moto in Sight

For only the second time this year we took the kayaks for a float on the river. We started at Buena Vista Ferry.
We were joined by the usual riff-raff from the bicycle club.
The Ferry is closed for the year. The ramps will be updated and repaired and a new ferry will begin it's run next spring. For a while it didn't look like the ferry would continue operations, but somehow that's no longer the case.
It's very peaceful on the water.
There is time for storytelling.
... and a short break for snacks.
Where have I seen this before?
This wasn't my idea. The crocs came up in conversation and suddenly a croc circle appeared . Funny how that happens whenever crocs are around? Only one pair today, but I know at least two people represented here have their own crocs at home. 
Jo and Ace ride recumbents, and have done two cross-country tours. Both can ride circles around most bicyclists. I don't even try to compete. They particularly like breezing past the Lance-wannabes.
Bill puts in a lot of miles himself. This spring he face-planted on a club ride, hopped back on his bike and rode to the next regroup sporting a bloody lip and a few bruises. I want to be fit enough to bounce back from face-plants when I'm 70.
Back to kayaking...
There is no graceful entry into or exit from a kayak.
Everyone has their own technique.
No relaxing until your bum is in the boat!
Onward to Luckiamute River.
This is my first trip up the Luckiamute this year.
The water is cleaner looking, and higher than in the past.
We paddle up a small rapid that was always too shallow to paddle.
The next one will require a portage...so we break for lunch.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit, diet soda...
...some of the staples of a paddle trip.
It's time to head back down river. Grandchildren have games to be spectated. We must go.
Back on the Willamette River.
We float along the cliff on the west bank of the Willamette.
I've seen deer on this cliff.
Today we find only rocks and bushes.
It's good to be on the river.


  1. Great fun and great photos Kari. My fave is that last one. And Oh I know I'm late saying this but that header is just beautiful!!!

  2. Isn't it awesome to get away from the crowds? I love getting out in nature. It is so refreshing.

  3. I wish I could do this too, it must be so nice and peaceful :-) and probably a better exercise than riding bikes ;-) Love the first picture!

  4. Lovely pics, especially the last one. I didn't spend much time paddling this year, no boat, no paddling buddy, and too busy. Nevertheless it's my second favourite transportation (actually everything on water is...).
    Funny how those croc circles seem to appear out of nowhere... this certainly requires special investigation, maybe an X-File?

  5. Kari:

    again, you had a relaxing day enjoying life and nature, with friends, and thank you for taking us along with your photos

    wonder when Ron is going to get his own pair of Crocs ?

    Wet Coast Scootin

  6. Heather and I land paddle. There is something about the motion of paddling that seems to invite peace.

    Great pictures and it looks like a great time. I echo bob's words: Thank you for taking us along with your photos.


  7. Thanks Eve,
    I hope we can do at least one more trip when the leaves turn color. The river is just stunning then.

    Hi Motoroz,
    Great minds think alike! :)
    Yes, it's very refreshing away from crowds and the rush of life in general, and something about being on the water makes it even more so. Thanks

    Hi George,
    Exercise? Maybe...if we actually use the paddle instead of just floating with the current. On this trip we had to paddle upstream, so I guess that counts as exercise! :)

  8. Thanks Sonja,
    Maybe we all need to get little kayak haulers for the bikes then go ride and kayak! How fun would that be? I hope you get some time next year for kayaking/water. I bet there are some great spots in BC.

    Hi Bob
    Glad you could enjoy the trip, even if only by photograph. I wouldn't hold my breath on Ron getting crocs. He tried some on and they bothered his feet. ( I think he was relieved they didn't work for him!)

    Hi Keith
    Land paddle? You might have to explain that one to me. :)
    I agree there is something about getting into a rhythm with paddling and cutting through the water.

  9. That looks like a fabulous days adventure on the river. Great scenery and photos. It make s me want to get back in a canoe someday....

  10. Thanks Gary,
    It was a great day! :)

  11. What a sec! We are allowed to have life and fun off of a motorcycle?? :) Great pictures and it looks like you had a great day.

  12. lol - life and fun is allowed outside of motorcycles. :)

    I hate to admit how many times we didn't kayak (or bicycle, or take photos, or hike) this summer, but instead went riding.

    Motorcycling...Insidious habit keeps getting more and more under my skin.

  13. I know exactly what you mean...we are the same way... :)