Sunday, September 5, 2010

Quartzville Road to Highway 22

This is a ride I've been wanting to do all summer. Ron and I rode part of this route last January when I still had the Suzuki. Other than that we drove the car over it once many years ago. Always intended to drive it again, it only took us 20 some years to return. We were just waiting for the appropriate mode of transportation. Yeah that's it. I had forgotten what a nice drive (now ride) this is.

This is where the map goes...if I knew how to make a map. Really gotta learn a map program. From Sweet Home we take Quartzville Road heading toward Green Peter Dam. From there just stay on the pavement (Forest Rd. 11). Quartzville Road becomes Forest Road 11 and/or Straight Creek Road. If you come from Detroit it's Straight Creek Road off of highway 22.

Quartzville Road
I'm being followed...
Fallen Bridge under the other bridge. Guys in wetsuits, mining or ??

Quartzville Creek
Requisite moto shot
The weather is perfect. There are a lot of campers along the road, but traffic is spectacularly light. Slower traffic lets faster traffic around, and all is right in the world. It's another case of the riding is too good to stop for photos.

I'm happy when the road loses it's painted lines and becomes a single lane.  It's just better that way. We have great scenery and fun, fun curves. There are a few gravel spots, and many corners have gravel and/or debris in them.  I have one encounter with some snotty rocks that make the bike wiggle a bit. Did I mention this is a fun road?!

At the top?

We stop too soon, the better view is just around the corner...where we don't stop.

At one point a red sport bike zips by. He's taking full advantage of the corners. I divide my time between cornering and slowing to gawk at the views. We see the sport bike again at the other end of the road. While we're just finishing the ride, he is heading back over the way he came. Considering the somewhat dull ride down Highway 22, I think returning along FR 11 would be the better option. Ride over, stop for lunch and gas, then go back over again. I think I'll do that next time. I'm already wanting to do an Autumn colors ride in a few weeks. I love this ride :)

Highway 22 - Ho Hum!


  1. Ah, the no center line roads, like them a lot, too. Looks like the tour had all the right ingredients. I can imagine it must be lovely there during fall. Hope you find the time to repeat the trip. Cheers, SonjaM

  2. That looks like a great ride. The colors of the leaves seem so intense with the sun shining through them. We have a lot of the no center line roads as well but a lot of them also lack pavement. Unfortunately, once I find a nice road with little traffic, I forget to stop and take pictures.


  3. BTW, I really like your hot air balloon launch header.

  4. Wow, the new balloon header picture is a stunner! Fantastic!!

  5. Yea, I love roads without markings but here in NJ you don't find them :-( plus we always have cops all over the place trying to trap us.
    There's just too many people in NJ, everywhere you go there's traffic.
    Love the new balloon picture, stunning ;-)

  6. your Header pic with the balloons all fired up is so nice!!

  7. I, too, like the Header pic with the balloons. And, yes the autumn colors come..then are gone too soon.


  8. Kari:

    Yes, your header photo is stunning. Wouldn't it be neat to get a ride in one of those for an aerial shot ?

    I suppose as riders, going up in a balloon would be too docile. we need action, speed and twisties.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  9. Thanks Sonja,
    I hope we get to do a repeat trip too. It's already starting to feel like fall with all this cool weather.

    Hi Richard and thanks
    That would explain all the dirty bike pictures I see with Alaska tours. Some rides are just meant to be ridden without interuptions. :)

  10. Thanks Gary,
    I'm glad you liked it. :)

    Hi George,
    I have to admit I love our quiet back roads. I'm not sure I'd do well with lots of traffic (or people) all the time. Thanks

  11. Thanks FattKaw,
    We took a lot of balloon pics that evening, but only a couple weren't blurry. It was fun trying to get a picture of them when all were lit up.

    Thanks Circle Blue,
    Seems like the older I get the faster the seasons go - scary!

    Hi Bob,
    I would love to go up in a balloon! I'm not sure why I've never looked in to going up in one. Might have to rectify that.

  12. Nice nightglow pics! I'll bet that was a crowded night. How long did it take to get out of the parking lot?

    That road past Quartzville is a favorite of mine. It changes frequently. Once the road was washed out high up. There was just room for a bike. How convenient that I was on one!

    Your enthusiasm shines through the whole post. Shame on you! Who said this was supposed to be fun? :)

  13. Kari:

    don't tell Irondad that it must have been the secret powers of the Ninja Green Crocs !

    Wet Coast Scootin

  14. Thanks Irondad,
    I think it took about 20-30 minutes to get out. Should have just went for a stroll through the festival. I think the better spot for photos would be across the lake...maybe next year.

    Quartzville/FS11 - great road. Room for just bikes would make it perfect! Too bad they fixed it. ;)
    Actually, It wasn't fun. It was work, practicing all that fun at all!

  15. Hi Bobskoot
    lol - yeah, it will be our little secret...shhhh. ;)

  16. Yeah, I feel so sorry for you doing all that WORK! I have to WORK again on Monday. It will be my last ART of the season.

  17. Looks like great fun...yes an autumn ride would be wonderful!

  18. Irondad
    It's a rough job, but someone has to slog through it! You're sacrifice is duly noted. :)

  19. Hi Eve,
    I hope we get a nice sunny fall and can get a number of rides in before the rain.