Saturday, September 11, 2010

Skyline and Vitae Springs Roads - We got curves

I think Friday morning was the first morning I've awoken to fog. It didn't  last long, and the sun came out as promised.

Ron and I had time to burn and errands to run. Let's go explore some backroads. The destination: Skyline Road and Vitae Springs Road. Skyline Road came up in a past comment and I made a note to go explore it one day. Skyline Road is off of Riverside Drive, south of Salem. Vitae Springs Road completes the loop back to Riverside Drive. I knew Skyline descends in a series of sharp curves coming from Salem, but I planned to climb up from the other direction. Steep and twisty? Oh yeah, more than I guessed. Once past the twisty part the road is pretty tame with some nice views and gentle corners. What goes up must go down. 
Fake google map, cuz I suck at map making
Skyline heads back downhill and ends at an annoying intersection that leaves a rider facing the wrong way if said rider wants to go left, which we did. To the right (more like straight ahead) is a nice little hill blocking the view of oncoming traffic. Do they pay people to design roads this way? We make a sharp u-turn left to get onto to Vitae Springs Road, and pick up tailgating rally-boy who shoots in from over the hill.

Vitae Springs Road. O-M-G! I went up Skyline to avoid the challenging descent. I dunno, maybe Vitae Springs was easier, but it was still a challenge for me. 15 mph curves that descend steeply. Once again no pics, cuz I can't peel my death-grip fingers from off the bars. Rally-boy is with us, "cheering" us on from the back fender. Are we having fun yet? I'll get back to you.

Back on Riverside Drive we cross the river and head to Corvallis to pick up some auto parts, then it's back to Albany for a stop at Premier Motogear. We finish the afternoon with a cool drink at The Beanery, where we have the patio to ourselves.
Fruit Smoothie

My faithful steed awaits my return.
A short, sweet ride. I think we added about 100 miles to the bikes. Did the curves scare me? Of course! But everyone else will love them.  Did I have fun?? A day later I can say most definitely!
Skyline Road and Vitae Springs Road: Recommended. 
Watch out for the nasty intersection where the two roads meet.


  1. For me all rides are sweet, but some are sweeter than others. Often the ones where I stretch myself a little are the sweetest. I chuckled when I read, "Did I have fun?? A day later I can say most definitely!" I think I know that pattern personally LOL


  2. Hi Keith,
    I agree all rides are sweet. :)
    I have several rides where it took a little time for me to appreciate the fun factor.

  3. Kari:

    as long as you go first. If you can make it, then I can make it.

    What no photos of where the two roads meet. Was that the same corner Irondad photographed a while back ? down an embankment with a 270 degree turn left ?

    You'll have to go back and snap a photo


    Wet Coast Scootin

  4. I was thinking of Irondad's post as well wondering if it was the same intersection. Of course, I didn't search, just wondered. Steep downhill curves are still a challenge for me. I just don't get in enough miles...


  5. Hi Bobskoot,
    lol - no pics of the intersection. I was rather precariously perched at the time. :)

    I think it's the same intersection, though I didn't dig up the post to confirm. I hope it's the same...hate to think there's more than one!

  6. Hi Richard,
    Yeah same one, I think. It sort of snuck up on me.
    I hear you on the downhill curves. I've been working on them this summer, and doing better, but I have much room to improve. I've been seeking out roads with downhill corners and scaring myself on them, hoping that someday they'll be less scary. Thanks