Saturday, October 30, 2010

35 Miles and 11 Graveyards*

An auspicious beginning. Do we really want to ride in this? Rain and fog, fog and rain. No one knows we're coming...we won't be missed...
Two wheels, two pedals, no combustion engine, a few of dead bodies, and a promise of free pizza and cupcakes at the end. All righty then. We're off and riding into the soggy, foggy, rain in search of graveyards, ghosts and ghouls.
 Millersburg Cemetary
We'll find out later we have an ancestor here.

I catch up to the others who are hell bent on finishing this ride and have no time to stop for photo ops.
A few more miles, a few more hills and we're close to another stop. There's a little bit of fall color still showing in the trees.
Scravel Hill Road
You can pretend to ignore me, but I'm still gonna get the pic! 

A few years ago we saw a ghost at Knox Butte Cemetery, a lady in a white dress walking her dog. She appeared from the side of the cemetery, and in the next moment she was gone. We haven't seen her since, and she didn't show up today.
 Knox Butte Cemetery

We wind our way back towards Albany staying well to the right of Oregon Beaver's fans rushing to the game. Eventually we end up at the Masonic Cemetery where we go for a short ride amongst the graves. There is strange music playing, and we hear screams...

 What's everyone lookin' at?
He seems a nice enough sort, we invite him to lunch.
Ciddici's Pizza is located in the old Oregon Electric Train Depot, ( Note the OER in the gable), a nicely restored, old  historic building in downtown Albany.

Patiently waiting for pizza.

No time to get pizza photos before the gluttonous orgy begins. Do not come between hungry bicyclists and their food. Only got a snap of a few cupcakes that survived the carnage. Okay, not really...I just forgot to take the food pics again!
*Yes I know, not all 11 graveyards are listed...did you really want to read that much about a bicycle ride? I didn't think so! :)



  1. Fog and graveyards make good places to get into the spirit!

    In case I haven't mention it before: I LOVE you header picture by the way! quite a virtue you develop with that camera of yours ;-)

  2. Personally, I enjoy hearing about the non-combustion two wheeler trips as much as the gasoline powered ones. Makes me a little nostalgic and think about getting the touring bike out again. Thanks for bringing us along...


  3. I like the photo of the two on the recumbents. It has a European look to it as does the one above it. Also a nice low-angle image of the tandem outside the pizza place.

  4. Happy Halloween! Adore the new header picture - it is a beauty!

  5. Happy Halloween! I love touring the graveyards too. I'm glad that you took some time to stop and take some images. Happy that the ghost didn't come back and the scream was friendly and the cyclists didn't resort to mayhem waiting for pizza. :) -Lori

  6. Hi Sonja,
    Yep, into the "spirit of the season" lol!
    And thank you :)

    Hi Richard
    Well, just dig out that bicycle and join us for a tour! :)

    Hi Mike,
    I've never been to Europe so I'll take your word for it. :)
    We have quite a few recumbent riders in the club.

  7. Thanks Gary,
    Happy Halloween! The header pic is from a small park, that has several large falls and numerous little ones. It's a very scenic little spot, off the beaten path.

    Hi Lori,
    I had to work my butt off catching back up whenever I stopped, but it was worth it. Hungry cyclists can be scarier than ghosts! :)

  8. On the upside..I love foggy, misty pixs, yours are (as usual) very nice.
    On the engine? How can THAT be fun? And the other downside..I'll pass on the ghosts! (bawk bawk bawk...) haha.
    I've never heard of a graveyard tour, if it can be done with an engine, I might look into one here. :)

  9. Thanks Ken :)
    Pretty sure it can be done with an engine. Just be might not hear those ghosts sneaking up on you over all that engine noise!

  10. I haven't been to Europe either. Just going by photos and TV. Have you ever seen the Paris Roubaix bike race on TV? It's in Northern France and near Belgium. It's usually cold, raining and a good portion of it is on cobblestones. No recumbents though. :-)

  11. I've seen the Tour de France, and a few triathlons and that's about it. I'll have to look for it. Always rewarding to see other riders out in the cold and rain!