Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Heated Gear, Sunsets, and Library Cards

Brief update on the heated gear.
I've had a couple of mornings to try out the heated gear. This morning for the first time I had the jacket on high. I turned it back down. I want something left for when I really need it. The grips are nice and toasty, not that I've really needed them yet. It hasn't been cold enough for a true test of them, but cold weather need not hurry on my account. The wind deflectors are instant gratification. I like them. Simple, low-tech and works well. For whatever reason I find that satisfying. A little bigger would be perfection; the wind still creeps over the top and underneath, but it's not bad.

Mundane stuff...
This evening I had an errand to run. My library card has expired, and I can't download ebooks. I don't do well without a stack of reading material. I'm not sure how one "stacks" ebooks, but you get the picture. A quick run to the library is in order. I grab my helmet and jacket, and a couple of overdue books (the printed kind) and head off on Sam. I turn in my old card and am issued a shiny new one. All is right with the world once again.

It's two miles to the library. It takes sixteen miles to return home. Funny how that works. Sam and I went out to enjoy the sunset. It was peaceful along the side of the road.
Perhaps less peaceful on the road.  The carnage...


  1. I really like the colors and the silhouette of the bike in your sunset photo. Very nice. I am also amazed how two miles seems to turn into fifteen on the bike though yesterday, five felt like fifteen due to slick conditions. I think ebooks are stacked the same way as audiobooks. I have gotten hooked on them and seem to be "reading" a couple all the time.


  2. Are those mosquitoes? I'm glad I don't have that problem in NJ :-) Crater Lake NP and its mosquitoes was enough for me ;-)
    Love the picture of the bike with the sunset :-)

  3. To bad we don't get a bounty on killed a tank of gas per 1000 bugs killed. LOL Nice pics!

  4. I rode to Ashland and back this week and man I collected a lot of bugs! It seems more than usual this year.

    I really like that sunset silhouette photo - that's a great angle. I like the new look of your blog too!

  5. Looking good. And, boy, can I agree about the heated grips and wind deflectors. Those things saved my knuckles so many times from bugs and cold. If your hands are warm, it's so much easier for the rest of you to stay warm, too. I appreciate mine... I need to get my BMW maintenance done before it gets too much colder.

  6. Hi Richard,
    I'm glad you made it ok. I don't like slippery! Fortunately we don't have too much of that here.

    Hi George,
    Mosquitoes are done for this year. I think they're just gnats or something (I don't know my bugs). I changed to my taller windscreen which aims them right at my face shield. They were very gross to clean off, and I still need to clean the bike - Yeech!

    Hi Ken,
    LOL - I could go with that! Thanks :)

  7. Thanks Mike,
    They seem worse this year to me too. Maybe a good freeze would finish them off.

    Hi Brady,
    My deflectors look just as bad as my face shield did. Better the deflectors than my gloves!

  8. I almost didn't recognize the blog! I like what you've done with the place.

    I was thinking just today as I rode back from Stayton that the bugs were hiding someplace. Looks like you took the hit for me!

  9. Do you know the best way to clean bugs off your bike? I was told how and it works. Get an old towel or large cloth and soak it in very hot water. With the water still as hot as you can keep it, put the towel over the bug infested area and leave it there. After it cools a little (maybe 5 minutes) use the towel to wipe the bugs off. It works well. I have also heard that just leaving a wet cloth on your screen overnight also work, but I haven't tried that one.

  10. Hi Dan,
    Okay, your turn. I fully expect that tomorrow's ride will be bug free...if you're doing your part! :)

  11. Hi Gary,
    I've done that with a wet towel with mixed results. I'll have to try hot water, maybe that will get the tougher stuff to come off better.

    I just don't want to feel the bug bodies when I clean the bike. I could feel them when I wiped off the faceshield - yuck!

  12. I also have a 650R.
    Heated Grips -- I installed heated grips a couple of years ago, and find them helpful, but the backs of my hands still get cold. I also put on a set of Hippo Hands for the coldest part of winter. Problem solved.
    Heated Clothing -- I still just bundle up. What type did buy?
    Kayaking -- I recently tried it for the first time on our last vacation.

    I describe some of this in my blog -- Bucky's Ride.

    Google Maps -- They are actually fairly easy to include in a blog. Post a comment on my blog with your e-mail address, and and I'll explain how I put them into mine. (Comments are moderated, so I won't publish it.)

    Good blog, Bluekat

  13. Hi Bucky,
    Yeah, I still get some wind across my hands. I don't notice it with my thick gloves. Hippos hands may be my next stop if I need more protection. Not sure if I can ride if I can't see my hands though.

    I have a Gerbing heated jacket. My husband, Ron, has a Tourmaster jacket that he's had a couple years. Both seem to work well. I'd like one (and no more than one) cold morning to give it a real test. :)

  14. Heated grips -- I ride down to about 35 degrees F with fleece underwear under my suit, and just the heated grips and Hippo Hands.

    Touring -- I have gone off-road several times with the Ninja (mostly on purpose), and I have a set of saddlebags and a tail bag that work quite well for long weekends, though there is not enough room for camping gear. Hotels for me, so far.

  15. Hi Bucky,

    Do you have a rack or anything to keep the saddlebags out of the back tire? I've thought about getting saddle bags, but I wondered if a rack was needed. Someday I'd like to add side cases, but that won't happen for a while.

  16. The saddlebags I have are Cortech Sport, and do not require a frame to mount them. I also have the Cortech tail bag that attaches to the saddlebags. I can carry a weekend's clothes and supplies in them with the help of my magnetic tank bag, though I do not carry camping equipment.

    They mount nicely and are stable when riding, and do not come close to contacting the tire. I am tall, so the tail bag does snuggle up to my rear when in the riding position, but that provides a little extra support that the seat doesn't have much of.

    You can see a picture of the bike with the bags mounted here:

  17. Thanks Bucky,
    Nice set up on your Ninja. :)