Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Can it still be called a farkle if it's fugly?

Santa FedEx has paid a visit. Every farkle for Sam paves the way for another farkle to fix the problems aquired with the last farkle. This farkle is to fix the view back, a way to see over the wind deflectors and around the trunk box. I looked at different mirrors. I considered bar end mirrors. In the end extending the mirrors seem the best solution.

This is the best kind of modding. Father/Daughter bonding time, and I don't have to do a thing!  They work on getting the stock mirrors off of Sam. After some fussing and fidgeting with the extensions and assorted parts it becomes clear that the fit isn't perfect. The provided washers are too thin. Bummer, Mr. Machinist will just have to dig out the lathe and make thicker ones. Just what he hates...playing with, er running the lathe.

Measure twice, cut once...Ron gives pointers to Rachel who takes her first try at running a lathe. The first washer is tried for size, but it's too big. Measure and cut again, and the next one is just right. 

My own personal custom washer. How special is that!!

The windscreen comes off to get the second extension on, and when it's all said and done...
Can it still be called a farkle if it's fugly?

I dunno, it calls to mind an image...

not altogether flattering....

It's probably good that I don't split lanes...

 Well, maybe they don't stick out that bad...
Yes, yes they do

Have to wait for the next ride to see if the view back is improved.

One final image for tonight. The view from the commute home this evening. This makes up for the rain and fog this morning. Safe rides out there to all!


  1. LOL. "Yes, yes they do"...had me rolling. I don't think they are too fugly, but I can see where you might think they affect the lines of your baby. I commend you on choosing safety over aesthetics. I have a friend that if it doesn't look good on him or his bike, forget it. I hope they work wonderfully.

  2. Rather be ugly but safe than beautiful but unsafe ;-)
    I think a lot of bikes have that problem. The 08/09 Kawasaki Concours had a problem where the mirrors were too low. At one time I was going to replace my Concours with the new one but didn't like it when I sat on it and all I saw were the side bags :-(
    I think it looks fine :-)

  3. Among scooter riders there are some who are quite anti the "Japanese insect looking scooters." I'm not one of them. I prefer the looks of scooter's like the Blur and the Yamaha TMAX. And, when it comes to bikes, I tend to be drawn to sport bikes as well. It is such a subjective thing. Heather doesn't like the look of the Ninja at all...and, I love it. I almost bought one in fact, but the +100 mpg and the kick-start backup won out, oh well. Anyway, for what it's worth, I think the new mirrors aren't fugly at all. I think they are cute and intimidating at the same time.


  4. Great post Kari. Troubadour always says: "Function over frosting" and I think that is a good thing. Love the pics you found to go with the new silhouette of the bike.

  5. Forget the mirrors, how'd you get two bikes side by side in a single car garage?

  6. Kari:

    do you have 4 mirrors ? and a lathe in your garage ? you are so lucky. I can think of a few things I need for my bike if Ron has some spare time. For starters I need mirror extensions . . .

    Fugly is a state of mind. Many times things just grow on you and soon you don't notice

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  7. It took me quite a bit of looking to see what the change was comparing the before and after pictures. I guess I care less about aesthetics and more for function.

    What Bob said, you have a metal lathe! How about a mill?


  8. Yes, they do! LOL! I agree with GeorgeF: Better safe and fugly. It's not that bad, really.

  9. Hi Lori
    I'm getting used to them. I nearly hung up on a jack handle backing out of the garage, but then that's been a problem before the big antennae...I mean mirrors. I like my new view back though! Definitely worth it.

    Thanks George,
    I hadn't heard that about the Concours. I knew the ninja mirrors were not well regarded. I was okay with the stock ones until I started adding all these accessories to see around.
    I'm sure the Tenere will have perfect mirrors! :)

    Hi Keith
    Ron likes the Honda Ruckus. I like the cute retro ones (sorry I don't know them by name). It took a while for the sport bike look to grow on me. I'm still not sure I'd call them beautiful. My son hates my Ninja too. Hates the look, and hates riding it. He wants a cruiser with ape hangers! :O
    Different strokes for different folks...

  10. Hi Trobairitz
    Function over frosting, that's good.
    Now with cake, I'll take all the frosting I can get...corner piece please! :)

    Hi Troubadour
    lol - Years of practice in a small house/garage I guess. Ron has to get on his bike from the right. I have to crawl up and over his bike to get to tools on the workbench. And now we have to dodge these gangly mirrors...

    Hi Bob,
    Ron has wanted a lathe for years & finally acquired one. I'm thinking it might be overkill, just to get a special washer, but what do I know. He loves it every time he needs to make something.

    The mirrors (only 2) have grown on me already. I went for a short ride, and the view back was nice. I can see again.

  11. Hi Richard.
    I should have taken a better before pic. They already tore into the bike before I had the camera out. It added about and 1-1 1/2 inch to the stem. No mill (not yet anyways). I suppose he'll be wanting one of those too. What I want is for him to get busy building a shop...then I get the garage back!

    Thanks Sonja,
    Yeah, I've gotten over the look. They work good. I can see back. I'm content. :)

  12. Kari:

    I have both the Manfrotto 055 and 190. I had two 190's so I cut the legs down (on one of them) to make it easier to carry around. There is a sling to carry on your shoulders. These are also called Bogen (in the USA) . I notice some new models at the camera shop, something like 3105 or 3106 with different heads. slightly smaller and more hikeable. I prefer the quick release knobs over the wrist curl type found on Gitzos.
    I like the Canon, but I still have my D80 and lots of Nikon Lenses. I was waiting for the D7000 but I couldn't wait any longer because I need the camera for my trip so settled on the T2i. Now I want the 7D. I think the 7D is equal or better than the D7000, and less expensive too, but then again I like the 60D for the articulating screen

    Oh . . . why weren't we born rich . . .

    Wet Coast Scootin