Tuesday, November 23, 2010

There is something wrong with this picture

This one's for you Richard. Alaska warmer than Oregon. It simply ain't right!
And it's supposed to get even colder.

Troubadour posted a perfect rant for the week, which inspired me to post some pics from this morning.
Big Sigh...
...I'll take the car...

Dang it, I don't have to scrape windows on the Ninja...


  1. PS....time to get a Subuaru WRX!!! Great in the snow and whoo hooo what a ride!!!

  2. I'm sorry. I don't mean to laugh...but that is just way too funny that any part of Alaska is warmer then Oregon!! Chin up. Soon they will have more snow! :)

  3. I don't know, the picture shows a good trend. If it continues, we'll be the new tropical paradise!! I just checked and we are still 3F warmer than Oregon.

    Seriously, everyone around here can't wait for things to cool off again. The road surfaces are still really cold since just last week, it was in the negative teens (F) which means the rain freezes as soon as it hits the road. Treacherous driving.


  4. And schools and many other businesses are shut down since the employees can't make it in.

    And Happy Thansgiving!


  5. Kari:

    doesn't look bad to me. This snow storm missed us, but we are getting more tonight and tomorrow.

    just think, more time for computer work and image editing

    Wet Coast Scootin

  6. Looks like Alaska is getting warmer, more options for when I plan my Alaska trip, I won't have to think of July only ;-)

  7. Eve, lol
    I don't mind the cold...but I don't like the snow and ice. I can ride in the cold, can't ride in the snow! I'm going through withdrawal! Ron loves the WRX! He'd be all for that. He has a "vintage" (lololol) 80's Subaru...it's um, a far cry from the WRX :)

    lol - BeemerGirl
    I can feel the love and sympathy! ;)

    Hi Richard
    New tropical Paradise...maybe Conchscooter will be your new neighbor. We are now warming up and thawing out...well sorta. Freezing rain is worse than snow. I hope your snow returns soon and stays there! :)

  8. Hi Bob,
    It's a puny amount really, but even puny amounts condemn to 4 wheels. Computer is all fine, but I still need my two-wheel fix! :)

    Hi George,
    More time to ride, more to write about, more for me to read...seems like a win-win. Might not be much snow on those snow-capped mountains though. :)

  9. I am sitting here, out side, with a cold beer, laptop, and sunblock.....and you pictures still made me feel cold!!

  10. I feel the pain. Weather is getting colder here, too, but at least I'm not in MN anymore... I don't feel like pleasure riding these days, but at least can take the bike to work - which gives a few miles of placation every day.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  11. Hi Raftnn,
    So sorry, hate to ruin a warm day in the sun! Have another cold one for me will ya! :)

    Hi Brady,
    Exactly. The winter commute keeps the edge off the riding addiction. Not as nice as summer riding, but it beats sitting in the house (or car) all winter! Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Kari,
    Today, Corvallis is 75F warmer than Fairbanks. Better!?


  13. Oh dear, RIchard is taking our good weather away... a week ago we had all the snow and cold and he just had rain...

  14. Hi Sonja,
    Yes, he has his snow and cold back :)
    And Yay! We're supposed to have a couple dry days down here...not sure how far north that goes.