Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ice, Cold, and Goals for the Year

There hasn't been much riding lately, but I rode to work  on Monday. Cold (20 something) and sunny. I haven't ridden in this kind of cold before, but the cold wasn't the problem. Ice was.
 Frosty stuff from some other day
Not ice on the road (though there was some of that), but ice on my faceshield. I had a few miles of fog which always mists up on my faceshield. On this day it didn't mist up, it iced up. Note to self...toss an ice scraper into the tank bag, Sheesh! I wiped it away as best I could, and even stopped a couple times to give it a good scrub. At the freeway I was back to sunshine and the rest of the ride was pleasant if a little cold. Once again, it's just good to be on two wheels.
Pack an Ice Scraper?
Goals 2010
One of my goals for the year was to ride at least 12,000 miles by motorcycle. Ron and I started out with a competition between us, but we lost track along the way. Between my Suzuki and the Ninja I did 13,644 miles in 2010. 10,384 on the Ninja. First goal well met.
Suzuki C50
Another goal that I wanted to do, but didn't admit it for months, was to take another Team Oregon class. Initally I thought it would be one of the intermediate classes, but then I worked up the nerve (with a lot of great support from Troubadour, Trobairitz, Stacy, Rick , Irondad, and a few others not part of the blogosphere, thank you all!) to sign up for the advanced class. I still can't believe I did that!
Sam on the Old McKenzie Highway, 2010
My last motorcycle goal was to attempt a ferry crossing, probably at Buena Vista Ferry. Not a terribly big deal, but the slope down to the ferry, and crossing the metal ramp make me nervous. I know there is a point where my feet won't touch the ground. It's one of those bite-the-bullet-and-go, there's-no-turning-back type of things. I dilly-dallied on this one, and didn't take into account that the ferry would close early this year. Yeah, I could have run up to the other one, but didn't. It's not a biggie, I can tackle it in 2011.
Wheatland Ferry and the dreaded metal ramp.
Yeah I know, silly things scare me.
My biggest fail of the year: 642 miles by bicycle. This has been my worst bicycling year since I started riding. This was partly due to spending more time on the Ninja, but also because I had struggled with hot weather riding this summer. I don't care so much about the mileage, but I hate how much of my fitness base I lost in the process. (It's not like I had a lot to spare to begin with.) It will be a tough scramble getting that base back. Next year will see a renewed focus on bicycling, and hopefully doing another tour. Mostly I miss spending time on the bicycle.
Crater Lake Tour 2009
I'm not a big goal maker, generally. It's more like I come up with things I want to do, and if I don't lose interest, then maybe they get done. I have a long commute, so it's easy to rack up miles. If I had to do  ironbutt rides to get mileage it wouldn't happen. This year we have hopes, dreams, and ideas for a few things we'd like to do. Maybe we'll finally do that multi-day kayak trip some of us have talked about every summer for the past few years. Maybe I'll decide it's ok to camp in a tent once and a while (but only if the weather is perfect!). Maybe we'll squeeze in a motorcycle tour. Lots of great ideas...can't wait to see what the journeys will be in 2011!


  1. Kari/BlueKat:

    the problem is that, Life gets in the way. Priorities change, weather is unpredictable, and you forgot to mention photography. Hope to see you "on the road"

    Wet Coast Scootin

  2. So, if you are riding the tandem, do you only get to count half of the miles?

    I have the same problem with metal grate bridges and bridges without railings. We have both and I've always avoid any trip with either of them. Riding my bicycle used to be a real passion. I rode it everywhere all the time. It consumed every evening, weekend and vacation. Commuting, centuries, double centuries, tours, etc. Then I moved to Alaska and I couldn't ride for months and got out of shape. Now I hardly ever ride. Not good.

    Good luck with your new focus on bicycling.


  3. Good job on accomplishing so many miles on the motorcycles this year.

    Yeah.... so.... not as many on the bicycle but it is a trade off with motorcycles and other activities. We rode more and our yard suffered. Same thing.

    Just think of how much you will accomplish in 2011. All the best to you and Ron in the coming year..

  4. I'm just not a cold weather rider Kari! I'm really just not a cold weather person! I was telling my husband yesterday, next time we move south, let's go where it's warm!! hahahaha!
    You should be very proud of all your met goals! Wow! I'm impressed! I would love a bike but the roads here are not bicycle friendly. There are bikers here but wow there's not even an edge, just guardrails right on the side of the road or a ditch! Or cliff! It's pretty scary! I'll get a kayak someday!

  5. Congratulations on your met goals for 2010! Even the ones not met are good ones for this year. It sounds like this year will be another great one for following Kari & Ron in their adventures... looking forward to it! That last photo of you and your bike is especially good!

    I've already done a 2011 goal today! Rode the Portland Area Tram! More on that to come...

  6. Congrats to the mileage. For ferry experience just ask bob(skoot). He took me on a river crossing the very first day on my new to me bike... I didn't even have time to be scared.
    I hope you get time for all of it be it riding on a bicycle or motorcycle, kayaking, photography whatever have you. Best wishes for 2011. SonjaM

  7. Glad you were able to ride! But the ice forming is worrisome. I wonder if Plexus or Pledge would help prevent that.

    I wonder if a squeegee like Bolty created would help?

    Keep up the great goals and just do the activity you feel like that day. Like Trobairitz my yard work suffered when the riding started. :)

  8. Hi Bobskoot
    Safe to say I've still got the photo bug, I don't need to make goals for it. Sometimes I'm more interested in photography than riding! Christmas brought me a new stack of photography books to work through

    Hey, I wanted to thank you for the advice a while back on tripods. I ended up getting a Manfrotto 190cxpro3, and a Photo Clam ballhead. Haven't used it much yet, but it's much nicer than my old 2nd hand tripod. Very stable, and I really like having a ballhead.

    Hi Richard
    Nope, definitely counts as full miles!! Actually we don't often ride the tandem these days. It's hard on Ron's back, so we only take it on short, easy rides. I've never done a century, let alone a double! I would hate it if I couldn't ride for months, especially in the winter! That's what keeps the winter blues away. Thanks

  9. Hi Trobairitz
    LOL - yeah our yard suffered too. Ron let the lawn die back last summer. We figured it would come back in the fall. It didn't.
    Add reseed the yard to list. :)

    Hi Eve,
    Thanks. Fortunately many of our narrow roads are also quiet roads. There are a few scary ones though. Kayaking is great. It's so peaceful on the water and you see so much wildlife up close.

    Thanks Mike,
    Ick, I hate my own pics, but I include them at times, cuz that's what I like on other blogs.

    Way to get started on the 2011 goals! Bravo!!

    We were in Portland last week and as we drove under it I thought about riding the tram, but didn't know where or how, and we had other stops to make. Plus Ron hates heights, so he probably would say no! :)

  10. Thank you Sonja,
    Was that the ferry crossing where it was really slippery? Yeah, sometimes it's better when there's no time to fear. Then it hits you later!

    Hi Lori,
    I don't know why fog builds up on my faceshield so easily. I never had it happen on the Suzuki. I guess it's the different airflow/windscreen or something. Fortunately we rarely have freezing fog, mostly just cold, damp mist.

    Thanks for the link. Somehow I never saw that post, or don't remember it. I have a little squeegee that I bought. Works well, for mist, but the ice built up too much. I really wouldn't use the ice scraper. :)

    Sounds like a bunch of us have yardwork to do this spring!

  11. Yep, life does get in the way. So much to do and not enough time. Oh well.

    I like the circles in the header. Nice.


  12. Hi Keith,
    That's right, you like circles. :)

    We went for a drive a while back, and when we stopped there was this rain splattered puddle right next to us. I thought it was pretty, the circles and the reflected trees.

    A few years ago a friend of mine got me started seeing hearts, now I think you're gonna get me started looking for circles!

  13. You sound so enthused about so many things! It's been fun watching your riding progress in person as well as reading about it.

    That's pretty much the key for me this year. I want to move ahead a little in a couple of areas but mostly to just relax and enjoy some stuff more.

    Not to usurp Ron, but I'd be glad to introduce you to a motorcycle ferry ride. I had that experience this summer with a long time friend and instructor at the Wheatland Ferry. All these years and she'd never done that!

  14. I'll try to tone down the enthusiasm. :) Relax appears to be the theme for several folks this year. Works for me!

    I'd love to have an introduction to ferry crossings 101. You can help Ron get Sam up off the ground when she slides down the ramp. :)

    ...if I get brave enough to try