Monday, January 24, 2011

Lebanon to Brownsville by Bicycle

Saturday was a club ride from Lebanon to Brownsville.
We had sunshine (SUNSHINE!), and a sweet tailwind!
Self portrait in the sunshine.
Sun spot on yonder field.
 There was the nice climb over Washburn Heights which left me breathless and slightly wheezy, recovered and rode on to Brownsville. Lunch was at Main Street Coffee.
 Spotted a couple riders of another sort, and talked with a third who didn't make it off the porch before being accosted by a couple of bicyclists. Turns out when he's not on his Yamaha, he also bicycles, and has rode the Strawberry Century a time or two.
 Ron and I had turkey wraps for lunch. Actually 2 turkey wraps for each of us. They didn't tell us we'd get two with each meal! We each ate one and packed the others home for later. That is, Ron packed the extras, he had the panniers after all.

Main Street Brownsville. Plenty of cruisers...argh mateys...
We ran into this guy out on Manning Road. 
EllipticGo. Elliptical and bicycle all in one.
 Ron and I will see him again, hours later, on highway 34. His plan was to ride over the freeway toward Tangent before returning to Lebanon. That's pretty decent mileage for a vehicle somewhat slower than a regular bicycle. Good for him!

On Rock Hill Road Ron noticed my rear tire was low. Ron found the nail, but as it was a slow leak we decided to top off the tire and try to make it home. It was only a few miles and the tire graciously held out until we pulled up in front of the house.


  1. Interesting contraption that EllipticGo. Does it have gears? It seems to be a good compromise between running and cycling. Easier on the joints. Looks like a nice day to be out on two wheels though it still looks pretty cool.


  2. Great ride Kari. That ellipticGo is wild. Ah don't you hate it when you pick up a nail.
    Ride safe!!!

  3. Very nice! Seems two wheels attracts all sorts of riff-raff. ;)

  4. BlueKat:

    I used to cycle a lot too but gave it up when I discovered that it didn't have a throttle. Good thing Ron has the Panniers, let him carry the extra stuff

    Wet Coast Scootin

  5. Great post Kari. Kudos for venturing out and getting some exercise in the sunshine. I like the new blog header too. Nice font and color.

  6. Nice ride but if I was going to ride a bicycle any longer than a few minutes I would have to find a way to attach a motor to it ;-)
    The EllipticGo I don't understand at all, aren't you much more comfortable sitting ;-)

  7. You actually got sunshine? Can't remember what that must look like, haven't seen it in a long time. Great, you got out, and on a bicycle no less. Not for me though, it doesn't have a motor...

  8. Hi Richard
    I think it had some kind of gearing, but I didn't look that close. It could be adjusted for stride, and handlebar height. After the bad weather we've had it was a very nice day, and warm enough to keep me happy. :)

    Hi Eve,
    Yes I do hate nails, and on the bicycle I've had this great run of no flats. I hate to see that come to an end!

    lol - Stacy
    Riff-raff - I had similar thoughts! :)

  9. Hi Bob,
    Just how long did you ride before you noticed the missing throttle? :)
    You won't miss it too much on the downhills!

    Thanks Trobairitz,
    We're trying to be diligent with our bicycling this year. The sunshine was a nice treat for a change!

    Hi George,
    Oh, I don't know, I sit at a desk all day, so standing might be a nice change. Still it looked like a lot of effort and was slower than a bicycle...oh wait, I guess that's what you mean about bicycles and motorbikes! :)

  10. Bicycling is something I just can't do. I have a knee that won't cooperate. I, also, can't run for the same reason, which probably explains the unusual exercise modes I've experimented with in the past. The EllipiticGo was interesting until I checked the price tag, wow! I'll stick to my rollerblades, landpaddling, and hiking.

    Nice post and good luck balancing all your activities. So many fun things to do and so little time.

  11. Dear BlueKat:

    Well, it's nice to see that someone had sunshine, and a snowless day on two wheels. Also that you lucked out and didn't have to switch out inner tubes on the road. There was a time when I could ride a bicycle more than 100 miles a day and often did. That day passed when I got a Kawasaki H2, more than 30 years ago.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  12. It's hard to tell from the photo, but I think I know that guy on the right in the vest. Did he ride a black FJR like Elvira and say his name was Stacey?

    By the way, it's Wednesday. Saw you rode to work today. I rode by on my way to a distributor just down the street. I snapped a quick photo of your bike but didn't know how it would go over if I raided your office. Nice cold day that never really burned off the fog!

  13. Hi Sonja,
    Have to say it, the weather hasn't been half-bad these past few days. My ride home Tuesday was beautiful weather. First time this year I needed my sunglasses. And even the "sunshine boys" came out to ride that day!

    Hi Keith,
    Yeah, the guy said it was kind of spendy. I love rollerblading. I've been afraid to skate these past couple years, afraid I'll fall and break something and won't be able to ride! I should dig them out of the closet and just go for a spin. :)

  14. Hi Jack
    Thanks for stopping by.
    The sunshine has been a treat, and we've had several nice days this week. Not perfect, but the roads are almost dry in some spots.

    I'm always impressed with folks who have ridden 100 miles on a bicycle, or 1,000 miles on a motorcycle for that matter. It sounds painful and I don't think there is enough hours in the day for me to finish such a ride.

    Hi Dan,
    Didn't get a chance to talk with either rider in the photo, but one bike could have been an FJR. I only caught a glimpse of it when they left.

    This afternoon's fog caught me by surprise. I packed away my warmer gloves and my little squeegee, so I wasn't quite prepared for it. Fog in the morning is expected, fog in the afternoon, that's just annoying!

  15. Glad that you were able to get out. Bicycles may be more work, but sometimes the slower pace on quiet roads is enticing.

    Your flat tire record is intact. You didn't have to change the tube on the road, did you?? :)

    I used to love to ride, when I lived where roads could be shared with bicycles (for the most part). I know a couple people that have ridden across the county, and it was in my thoughts...until my brother mentioned motorcycle...

    Hope the weather cooperates for more rides.


  16. Hi Lori,
    Nope, the tube made it home :)

    We have several friends who bicycle tour cross-country. I love bicycling, but I'm with you (and your brother), a motorcycle might be my choice for cross country.