Monday, January 31, 2011

McDowell Creek Ride 01-29-11

We rode the McDowell Creek Ride in reverse. 
River Road
Waterloo Falls
I think I like it this direction. As seems normal for our rides of late, we started as a group, but will split up as the day goes on. Short stop at Waterloo. I snapped a photo of the falls, that are practically under water.
John and Shirley
Most riders headed on up to McDowell Creek Park, but Jo and Ace, and Ron and I turned onto Berlin Road for an early return. Beautiful weather, sunshine and warm. Unusual for January. I'm not complaining.
Jo and Kari (bluekat)
Near Mallard Creek golf course, we saw a batch of very young lambs. There was one set of twins, newly born and still covered in the creamy yellow fluid that newborns are coated with. The mother ewe was still in the process of passing the placenta. That's pretty newly born I'd say.

29.23 miles
No other stats since I didn't reset the computer :(


  1. Seems like a peaceful part of the world...glad you were able to enjoy the ride.

  2. Thanks Baron
    Yes, a quiet country road, and a nice sunny day (after so many rainy ones) made a very pleasant ride. :)