Friday, January 14, 2011

Ride or Drive

Ride or drive? The deep thoughts I ponder whilst sipping my morning brew. If I let the rain stop me, I won't be riding for quite some time. I'll just slip on my riding pants while I have my coffee, just to see how it feels.

Feels like it's time for a ride!

I chuck the winter gloves in the topcase, and grab some lighter ones. Chuck the balaclava too. Turns out I won't need the heated stuff either. Yeah, I can live with unseasonably warm.Warm being relative.

Troubadour kept us on the edge of our seats posting about his office move, so I'm inspired to take a few pics from my own office. Okay I'm a little bored what with the sales staff off to a trade show.

My nearest window, or the corner of it waaay over there.

And the faithful Sam patiently waiting in the rain.

A little closer look cuz riders will make any excuse to show off photos of their bike. Worse than parents that way...

My kick ass computer, lovingly built by our new, young (read enthusiastic) I.T. kid. I'm supposed to be duly impressed and in awe of it's power and speed. Um, okay. I like it's pretty blue lights.

'puter guts

Like I said, a little bored.

The ride home is a splash....literally. I ride through one downpour but can see the brighter skies coming up on the other side of the storm.  Once past the shower the skies brighten and the clouds put on a show that tempts me to pull over and grab the camera. Considering the shoulder, I don't.  It's a joy to be riding. I'm glad I chose to ride.


Eve said...

I have a feeling what's warm to you is impossible to me Kari! I'm such a whoose! Anyway love the parent photos! I don't blame you one bit. My "kid" is tucked in the barn covered up waiting for the snow to melt!!! The kids had the whole week off school, what with the not so good at plowing in the south and the lows in the teens and highs in the low 30's! Crazy ass south!!!

Bluekat said...

Hi Eve,
Truthfully, I'm always freezing when sitting around the house or in my office. I'm usually wearing 2-3 layers. I even have a blanket at work.

How fun, having the week off. Low temps and snow...just doesn't sound right for down south!

SonjaM said...

Darn, I didn't bring my camera to work, otherwise you would have found a picture of my office on my blog as well (alas, none of Nella in the company parking lot). Will revert to this at another time ;-)
I am very impressed that you ride every day to work. I guess you don't have to deal with 32 traffic lights on a distance of 17km, eh?!

And your current header photo is lovely... so west-coast style.

Mike said...

Nice photos of your work area. That puter looks impressive for sure! I had the same logic today... I can handle the rain as long as it's warmish. That 30 degree stuff is not fun.

Bluekat said...

Hi Sonja
Can't wait :)
lol - This time of year I don't ride everyday. I don't do frozen surfaces, or dark, stormy days when I might be riding home in the dark. And then there's the days I just wimp out for no good reason! :)

I'm pretty fortunate to have a nice commute, and a job that allows for riding.

Bluekat said...

Hi Mike,
It's that nasty combo of wet and cold I don't like. One or the other by itself is okay...within reason!

Did you get out for a ride then? Hope so! :)

Keith - Circle Blue said...

I hate those mornings where the question of riding or driving comes up. Here in the Heartland it is the season for the question. Like you I'm cautious of ice.

BeemerGirl said...

"Um, okay. I like it's pretty blue lights." Made me laugh!

All you people will open offices and access to windows make me jealous. I work in a locked room approx. 12x24 feet. No windows, one door, ineffective climate control (read: extremely cold right now).

I'm glad you are riding. Especially with the whopper rain storm coming your way. Don't drown!


RichardM said...

Yep, that's the best line.
"Um, okay. I like it's pretty blue lights."
These days it's hard to find a computer that I can out type. Actually, I couldn't out type the original PC (4.88 mHz) either. Nice that you are choosing to ride in less than ideal conditions.

And of course you'll show your office. It's nice and neat. At times I have trouble finding my desk...



Unknown said...

Looks like it's time to download some serious games. That should keep you from working for... most of the rest of your life if you do it right. Thanks IT kid!

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

GF said...

Being an IT guy myself I'm impressed with the computer, beautifully put together. I used to build my own computers, once put together a computer case in the shape of a "doggy" for my daughter, she loved it. I did one similar for my son, blue and red lights showing through the plastic cut out on the side, even the cables inside were blue ;-) For my work I buy mostly HP now, the plain ones.

Bluekat said...

Hi Keith,
Yes, but you did tackle a little ice/snow the other day - good on ya! :)

Bluekat said...

Hi Lori,
Well, if it helps I have to lean over my desk to see the window at all. But I can't complain, a windowless office was my choice. I would hate having no climate control...well, I should say I'd hate not having heat. In the summer the AC is too cold for me. I wear fleece year round.

I didn't drown today, but when I crossed the river it was very high and wild!

Bluekat said...

Hi Richard,
LOLOL - a neat office? Try selective camera angles! :)

Bluekat said...

Hi Brady,
Terrible in this day and age but I don't really like computer games. I'm all for avoiding work though! :)

Bluekat said...

Hi George,
I'll let my IT kid know. He'll be pleased by the compliment. The doggy one sounds very cute! I'm not good at building computers, but I'm pretty good at messing them up.

irondad said...

Your assimilation into the world of hard core riders has begun, Grasshopper. You protest that it is not so. That you are still "soft" and wimp out. Yet there are increasing photos of a motorcycle in the rain and cold. References to frost on a visor and splashing home.

Let go and join us. Resistance is futile.


Bluekat said...

Assimilated into the collective eh?
Guess that explains all the wires, circuits and electronics I seem to keep acquiring.

When do I get a laser? I could put one of those to good use! :)