Saturday, January 15, 2011

Santiam Bluffs...without the bluffs

Wet. Need I say more? Eight riders turned up at the start. Ace, Jo, and Bill rode a shorter route, while Dennis, Mary Ellen, Frank and I, lead by Al rode a longer route. It was raining before I even as I drove to Albany.
 At the intersection of Century drive and Old Salem Road we regrouped under the overpass to discuss route options. We decided to do a shorter ride, leaving out Santiam Bluffs, but going over Scravel Hill. Off we rode into the rain, a nice tailwind helping us along. One more stop under the freeway at the end of Old Salem Road, our last stop for the day. Too wet to stop in the rain.

 I stopped for a couple pictures along the way and fell behind on Scravel Hill. Al waited for me to catch up, and at the intersection with Kampf road we turned right, heading back to Albany, hoping to meet the others in Knox Butte. When Al and I arrived in Knox Butte there were no other riders. We continued back to the start, never spotting the others again. I think rather than continuing on, they had doubled back for Al and I, and came in behind us.
On a different note, I tried a new saddle today, Specialized Jett. Yes, I endured the assometer. Unbelievable my ass is apparently "average". Well the sitbones are anyway. I like the narrowness of the saddle (143), and the cutout. My left sitbone had some familiar pain, but the ride was too short to know for sure how the saddle will do. My guess is that it will be better than the Terry, but similar to my stock saddle. My sitbones apparently like their leather brooks.

20.78 miles
1:43:52 time
12.00 av
22.48 mx

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