Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunny day ride and New Tires

Today (Sunday) Ron and I took the bikes for a spin around the south end of the valley. Nothing special, just a chance to visit a few favorite places and roads, and enjoy the nice weather while it's here.

The Route
Harrisburg Oregon
I love this old building. I need a picture of Sam in front of it. 

Willamette River in Harrisburg

Still High and muddy

Ron notices my tread, or lack of it. No comment on how often Bluekat checks such things. After convincing me that Sam can make it home on her "slicks", we head out. We spend more time riding than taking pictures. Only one more photo from the ride...
Sustenance for the ride home

New Tires
These have been sitting around the living room for a couple weeks, the tires that is, not the bicycle.
Bridgestone Battlax 023's. 
Quite a while back I solicited advice on tires. I debated trying a different brand, but since Bridgestone had come out with a newer version of my stock tire, I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

This won't be a step by step post on changing tires. Been there, done that already. We hang Sam from the rafters to get the front wheel off and swap out the tires.
 Hang in there, baby
Um...maybe should have changed them sooner...
Didn't realize just how bad they'd gotten until we put the new next to the old.

Next we put Sam on her stand and change out the rear tire. In the process we find this:
Seriously must be better about inspecting the bike. Wonder how long I've been carrying around that little bugger. I'd like to think we just picked it up today.

Maybe I shouldn't post this post...

                I'm looking pretty bad right now!

                             A puncture and no treads...

                                           hangs head in shame...

This is what Ron pulled out of the tire:
Nasty little sliver of a rock
Last week I posted that I had a slow leak in my bicycle tire from a nail. Well turned out it was a rock similar to the one above. I HATE those little rocks! I don't think I've ever had a rock puncture, and now I've had two in one week!

New Treads, new chicken strips...

To end on a more positive note than worn out tires and puncture wounds, last week Ron and I went to visit our daughter. We had about twenty minutes to kill, so what better way to pass the time than to visit a motorcycle store and play with the new bikes. I didn't expect to see Sam's new big sister, but there she was.
 Not really sure if she's Ron's cup of tea, but never hurts to try one for the fun of it.


  1. BlueKat:

    I'm so thankful that nothing happened. What were you thinking. You had been on "borrowed" time for weeks. Sunday was a great day up here too. Glad you managed to put on a few miles

    Wet Coast Scootin

  2. Those tires look like racing slicks. What have you been doing with them? Glad nothing happened, while you were riding those.

    The picture with Sam in front of the old building looks great!

  3. It was a nice weekend for riding in a lot of places. Glad you made it safely. I agree with the others, those tires looked really worn.

  4. Great post Kari. I too love the picture in front of the building - it is a striking combination and also your blog header pic. Nice composition.

    I am glad all worked out with your tires and you are safe. Don't feel too bad about your inspection, or lack of it. I am so used to driving the car that I forget to inspect the bike before a ride.

  5. Looked like a great day!

    And about those rocks and nails...yes, they were there and bad. But look at the bright side that nothing happened! :)


  6. That's a nice course that you went on Sunday and glad you made it home safely. That's pretty neat that Ron changes your tires. I hope you have many more safe miles on those new treads!

    Nice photo in front of the old building and I really like your new header too!

  7. Hi Bob,
    I was thinking they weren't that bad until we unwrapped the new ones. I didn't remember all that tread.

    The weather has been amazing. So many dry days, and more to come. I hope it's the same up north!

  8. Hi Sonja,
    Before Christmas they were looking worn, but I didn't think they were that worn, then suddenly they were. I think I'll keep a photo of the new ones around as a reference...this is how they're supposed to look...don't wait so long next time...

  9. Hi Motoroz,
    Made it home safe and sound. :)
    The weather has been great. I rode 6 out of 7 days last week. I rarely do that even in summer! Sam has her new tires with nice deep treads, we're good to go and won't wait so long next time!

  10. Thanks Trobairitz, :)
    Just a good lesson for me to be more diligent next time.

  11. Hi Lori,
    Very true, we made it home. I don't think the rock had completely penetrated the tire, as it was still full. It's good to be on nice new tires.

  12. Hi Mike,
    If Ron didn't change them then a mechanic would. :)

    It was he's second tire install, and the first time he's done it for me. I've only had one other set (on the Suzuki), and that was done at the shop.

  13. You are very brave! One thing to remember about tires is they wear faster at the end of the tread than they do the the wear bars (and threads etc) can sneak up on you!

  14. Hi Ken,
    I can believe that. I swear they wore down more in the last month than in all the months before combined.

  15. Love the picture in front of the old building. You guys have to be careful up there, you have too many of the volcanic rocks and they have very sharp edges, I know, I rode through there last year. It wouldn't be pretty to have a blown tire and end up going off into the volcanic rocks :-(

  16. Hi George,
    Yes I know those rocks. Certainly don't want to go sliding across them. Ouch!