Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chocolate Ride 02-12-11

Ron and I rode from Lebanon to meet up with everyone at the Beanery. Returned to Lebanon with the group, and split off at Tennessee School to return home. We didn’t go to the Beanery for lunch and dessert. Dennis made friends with a friendly horse. He was little unsure of the recumbent, or the bikes in general, but he was curious and brave enough to come forward for a closer look. A number of us riders stopped to watch one large bald eagle eating what was probably a baby lamb. There were 4 or so other eagles in the trees, but no one bothered the big guy. Some of the photos were pretty graphic, so I will spare you those.

Horse meet Recumbent (Dennis)

 Good ride. Overcast and a little windy out on the valley floor.

32.61 miles
2:31 Time
12.88 Av
18.51 mx

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