Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Sign

Spring sign has shown itself...twice! Today may be my only day to commute by bike this week. I might get by with one more day on Tuesday. Snow is coming, or so says the weather gurus, and I don't do snow!

This morning I looked out my bedroom window and saw a tiny bit of pink. Is that my plum tree trying to bloom? Camera in hand I went out to the backyard, and sure enough three or four little pink blossoms have sprung forth. Numerous other tiny buds are about to burst open. How did I not see this coming? I'm usually more diligent in watching for spring signs. I'm afraid the snow and cold may do them in. 
 Flowering Plum Blossom

On my ride into work I spot daffodils along the road. My second sign of spring! There's no where to stop, so I don't get a photo. I'll hunt for daffys in the afternoon.

For the afternoon commute rain chases me home, and I get tagged with a rain drop or two. I look for more daffodils, I want my photo! I'm easily distracted and I miss three opportunities for daffodils, but I don't bother to go back.

 I checked out the neighbor's yard and sure enough their daffodils are up and showing yellow. They'll do.
Finally, Daffodils

My apologies to the guys, no scantily clad girls, and not even a moto....just a few stupid flowers! :)
Ah well, even though snow is coming, Happy Spring!


  1. I bet you are hanging out for summer, lovely pics. It brightened my day.

  2. BlueKat:

    scantily clad girls are just a myth.

    We too are going to be getting Arctic air in the next few days and probably break some low temperature records set eons ago.

    I also took some flower photos with my macro last weekend but I'm too manly to post them.

    Wet Coast Scootin

  3. Sp...spaa....spring??? Did you say spring? Oh happy day! And it's ok to not have scantily clad women, but I must say if I look at the "Flowering Plum Blossom" pic juuuust riiiiiight, it reminds me of a belly dancer I saw at a party in Adonis Turkey...

  4. Thanks for sharing your flower pics Kari. I worked in the yard yesterday afternoon (took advantage on the sunshine). We have daffodils up and one was blooming but it was hiding behind shrubbery so I couldn't get a pic of it.

    Less than a month until Spring. Hooray.

  5. No girl pics? At least you posted a great photo of your plum tree's reproductive organs.

    Where does the pollen go?

  6. Very nice shot of the plum blossom. Around here we won't be able to see spring for another couple of months. We just got another 18½" of snow over the last couple of days and it's below zero again. Time to go skiing...


  7. Yes, it is just lurking around the corner. But as Bob has mentioned we have some arctic air coming in... it is not far away though. It is nice to feel that spring is actually happen around March ;-)
    In Alberta it was more towards end of May.

  8. It's ok not to have scantily clad women on your blog. Unacceptable to not have scantily clad men... ;) I'm must saying...

    Great pictures of the flowers. Our's haven't even started blooming yet!


  9. Hi Roger,
    Glad to brighten the day a little. Still hearing sad news round this way. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers through this time.


    Hi Bob,
    Looks like it's gonna hit you guys before it spreads down this way. It's not supposed to last long (here's hoping)!

    Nothin' unmanly about flowers. You should post them!


    Hi Ken,
    lol - belly dancer at a party in Turkey...I'll be waiting for the post on that story! :)

  10. Hi Trobairitz,
    I agree, Hooray spring. I haven't done anything in the yard yet this year, but I'm getting the bug for garden shows and flower shopping! Silly really, come the warm weather and I will neglect the yard for things like, oh...riding. :)


    LOL - I completely forgot about that movie.

    Took a minute to figure it out, and yes I saw it when it originally came out. I don't know if I should admit that or not!


    Hi Richard,
    Brrr. I guess skiing is a good hobby to have in Alaska. I'm not sure I'd want to go outside in that cold!

  11. Hi Sonja,
    I would be climbing the walls if I had to wait until the end of May! Aren't you glad you're in nice temperate BC!


    Hi Lori,
    Yeah I need to work on the scantily clad men pics, maybe set up a photo shoot, hire some models ... Well, something to think about anyway! :)

  12. Whoa - that sky looks like it was pretty threatening! Great pic.

    I would be lying if I said I wasn't jealous of your signs of spring. Soon enough, I guess. Please post a pic of your plum tree when it's in full bloom. I'm sure it's gorgeous.

  13. Dear BlueKat:

    I seem to recall the snow had barely receded last year when the daffodils popped up. Tha day seems at least a month away here in southeastern Pennsylvania. Though the rest of the week is supposed to be in the 40's and 50's (F), we could still get clobbered with snow. (We got 20 inches last year.)

    Yet some unmistakable signs of spring are here already. For example, it was full daylight before 7am this morning, and there was the song of a bird that wasn't a crow or a turkey vulture.

    On the subject of scantilly clad women: there can never be enough. I can hardly wait to get my hands on the new Pirelli Tire catalogue. I haver no idea how the semi-naked or totally naked feminine form came to be associated with motorcycling, but I do not have the strength to buck the trend.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  14. A lady I work with is pointing out every flower that begins to bloom as it happens. Flowers are nice, but have never been my thing. Still, it's pretty nice to have someone encouraging you to get excited about the upcoming season.

    Agreed about the girls, Jack, but at least I have fewer close calls when the ladies are wrapped in a mile of linen. Ah spring, it's going to be good.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  15. Love that header Kari! I'm due to have my Iron on mine...a challenge by Gary France. I could have had it last week but never got the camera out!! DUH!!!
    So nice to see your plum buds, it's amazing how quick they sneek up!!
    Don't miss the show!
    Ride safe!!

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I guess we are both waiting for Spring to spring.
    There is a threat of snow in the Valley tomorrow. Now that's plain crazy.

  17. Hi Fuzzy
    Not too threatening, and and by the time it caught up I was safe at home :)

  18. Hi Jack
    We have a skiff of snow this morning, and the plum tree is dusted in white. So much for spring!

    Always nice to wake up to daylight and bird song. Crows remind me of camping and waking to the sound of said crows tearing up my breakfast.

    Apparently scantily clad women (and men, per Lori) are under represented here. Guess I'll have to work on that! :)

  19. Hi Brady
    lol - Yeah, guys and flowers ... The important thing is that they point the new season to come. I'm rather amazed guys can ride at all when girls are out in their summer clothes.

  20. Hi Eve,
    Thanks - Can't wait to see your new header! You always have nice ones, whether with Iron or flowers or birds. :)

  21. Hi Photowannabe
    I agree about the snow, crazy! I can somewhat tolerate snow in December, but in February! I'm craving warm weather and flowers ... and I'll probably have to wait until July for that!
    Guess my impatience is showing! :)
    Thanks for stopping by