Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Little Ride one Sunny Afternoon

This was from a couple Fridays ago. Wrote it up and didn't ever post it.
This was one of those rides most riders would hate. I rarely made it above the speed limit, but rather puttered along, looking for something to photograph. Riding with blue skies has become a rare treat.
Everywhere I look, blue skies.
 Requisite mirror reflection photo silliness.
We traveled the back roads north of Albany and out towards Buena Vista.
The very muddy Luckiamute River
The bridge made a convenient camera support, so self portrait time
Stopped by the boat ramp at Buena Vista to see how the Willamette River looked and to take a peek at the ferry repairs.
Beautiful day along the river. No ferry.
In the summer we often kayak starting at the Buena Vista ferry. We start on the opposite bank from where I took this photo,  paddle upstream, cross the Willamette, then paddle up the Luckiamute River until we run aground. It's a nice afternoon paddle trip, and a good work out, fighting the current to move upstream.

Looking down the road toward the ferry landing.
 No ferry crossing today!
The ferry is always closed in winter, but this year the ferry and landing are being updated. I didn't wander close enough to see what actual work has been done. Looks like a good spot for a u-turn gone bad.

Where did you ride this weekend?


  1. Why I did this: http://banditrider.blogspot.com/2011/03/in-search-of-gravel.html

  2. Nice new header. That looks like a great ride but then again I'm one of those who prefers to "putter" along enjoying the view. I think I've spent too much time bicycle touring.

    Great post...

  3. Thanks for letting me puttering along. Nothing wrong with that.
    No riding for me last week... spend my off-time beach-bumming on Maui ;-)

  4. I love the new header but it would have been perfect had the bike been on the road so we could see the side too ;-)

  5. I like the new header too! It's so Oregon! Nice putter tour also. I like the bridge shot of you and your bike - the angle is nice. That looks like a fun way to explore!

  6. Great post Bluekat and I'm jealous you got out on a sunny day.

    Puttering while riding is what I always enjoy. We always seem to group ride though so I never get to putter, just get left behind. I like your requisite mirror reflection. I'm always in favor of silliness in pictures.

  7. Love the new masthead image! Lookin' good.

    I'm totally with you on the puttering. Sometimes its just nice to slow down and look around. A motorcycle seems like the perfect vehicle to be able to do that. Ride, pullover, hop off & look around, take some pics and move on.

    Love the mirror pic :)

  8. BlueKat:

    I don't believe how empty your roads are, I mean you could park your bike right in the middle, snap a photo, diddle dally for a while, then decide to move it to the side of the road, and still no traffic to worry about.

    You had two self portraits this time . I now remember you have a G11, on photo #4 next time try + 1 exposure compensation, because of the backlighting

    Riding the Wet Coast

  9. You had me at, "I rarely made it above the speed limit" The pics were icing on a very delicious cake!

  10. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks for the link, I've bookmarked it and look forward to reading. :)
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Richard,
    I think you hit the nail on the head with regards to bicycle touring. Motorcycle riders often talk about how much they get from riding rather driving. With bicycling it's the same. Sometimes you miss too much even on a motorcycle. Thanks
    Hi Sonja
    You still in Maui? I hope there was lots of sunshine and warm weather to hold you over until the sunshine arrives here!

  11. Hi George,
    Hmm, didn't think of it at the time. :)
    Glad you like the header, Thanks.

    Hi Mike and thanks,
    Might be too much blue in the sky to be Oregon. ;)
    Thanks Keith, :)

    Hi Trobairitz,
    I think it was the only sunny day of 2011. That's the downside of group rides, or even if I go riding with Ron. I feel like I shouldn't just putz along or stop so often. Not that there isn't a time and a place to be flying along on the other side of the speed limit! ;)

  12. Hi Fuzzy,
    Yeah bikes are perfect for that. Funny how much more you notice on a bike. Thanks,

    Hi Bob,
    lol - I love those middle of the road shots, but I'm not brave enough to try one...yet. Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try. :)


    Hi Ken,
    Thanks! I like cake, and the icing is the best part! :)

  13. Dear BlueKat:

    Sorry it took me so long to get to this post, but I have been dawdling over some assignments and getting lost in my keyboard. No excuses are necessary for the nice, little rides that constitute perfect wam-up runs. I am inclined to ask, is the Luckiamute River always muddy? The reason I ask is that I am thinking about combining fishing with riding, and the lure of quiet little rivers, easily approached on two-wheels, is becoming irresistable to me. The Luckiamute is about the size of the average river around here, nd home to stocked trout and native bass.

    A vety pleasant post today.

    Fondest Regards,
    Jack • reep •Toad
    Twisted Roads - The Bermuda Triangle of Motorrcycle Blogs

  14. Hi Jack,
    Thanks for stopping by :)
    The Luckiamute isn't always this muddy. Seems like all our rivers are running fast and muddy with the rainfall this year. I'm the wrong person to ask about fishing. My version of fishing is to sit on the bank with a good book and let others reel in the fish. I have seen people fishing at the mouth of the Luckiamute when we've been kayaking. How many they catch, I don't know.

    Fishing and motorcycling sounds like a great combination, excepting the fish smell in the sidecases. I'll bring a good book! :)

  15. Wonderful, wonderful day!! Sometimes you absolutely have to go on an under the speed limit ride. Wonderful day and wonderful images. Like you, still don't have the guts to stop in the middle of the road for a shot. My luck is that as soon as I even have the thought in my head a car comes along and puts the kibash on the whole idea.