Friday, April 29, 2011

Avian Adventures

Ron has noticed a trend among local avians. They have it out for me. The little ones dart in front of me so often, they no longer register on my radar.
I've already written about my buzzard encounter - big buzzard, not enough lift, bouncing off the top of my helmet. It could have been ugly. It ended up being funny. The big guy was lurking in the deep grass of a nearby field, out of sight until he burst out above the grass.
image from the internet
Recently it was a hawk that wanted to count coup on the little green Ninja. I ducked, it missed, no harm done. A killdeer or two have taken their shot at us as well. 
 I don't know what it is about birds, but perhaps I should use due caution...I have emus on my route.
Happy Travels!


  1. Haven't you heard? The bird is the word.....

    I think they are out to get you.

    Can you get Sam vaccinated for 'avian flew'? ...... Ha!

    PS - like your new header and placement of the title.

  2. They are really out to get you (or Sam?). Watch out for that Emu, or flying pigs...

  3. Hi Trobairitz
    lol - The bird is the word
    A couple weeks ago my office mate, Randy and I were trying to explain that song to our other young cub of an office mate. Of course he had to google it, then we had it in our heads all day!

    I think a vaccination for 'avian flew' is definitely in order! Thanks! :)

  4. Hi Sonja,
    Eek! I have pigs on my route too! I suppose the emu will fly when pigs fly. Either way, if I see them flying I shouldn't be riding! ;)

  5. Take it easy......i hit a gird once, man it freaked me out. I came off better than the bird though

  6. I do not understand the fascination with birds. I think part of me secretly fears them. This, in spite of the fact that I now (it took years to care) enjoy naming flowers and trees. Birds are strange to me. I've never hit one. I might run away if ever attacked by one, no matter how small. I am a horrible coward, it seems.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  7. Dear BlueKat:

    I love birds... Especially ducks, which I think are really cool. I used to raise finches, and would love to get a parrot, but Leslie claims there are limits o my stupidity.

    The turkey buzzard and the common crow are most likely to end up tangled in the fairing, as they eat roadkill in the center of the pavement. And the buzzard is a real stupid, clumsy thing, trying to gain altitude on a hot day.

    I too had an encounter with a turkey buzzard — on the Blue Ridge Parkway. That story constitutes my May column for the BMW Oners of America's publication the "Owner's News."

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • Reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  8. You don't have one of those mohawk helmets do you? If so, it's nesting season. ;) Birds are one more thing to watch out for! Be careful out there...

  9. Hi Brady,
    Can't say I've been scared of birds, but when I took the emu's picture, it came walking up to the fence, and I realized that's a very big bird behind a rather flimsy looking fence. I decided it was time to get on down the road.

  10. Hi Jack,
    Would love to hear your buzzard encounter story!

    I have a green cheeked conure who is often on my shoulder when I'm at the computer. He adores me, and hates everyone else with a passion, especially my husband!

  11. Hi Mike,
    Nope, no mohawk helmet, lol. The birds are annoying, but it's still deer that scare me the most.

  12. hmm...strange that you have a pet bird in the house, yet the wild ones are out to get you. Could it be that they are jealous?

    I'll need to find your previous post about the buzzard. I haven't collected birds that way that you have, but I did almost share space with a turkey last October. Oilburner swears he used my helmet to launch off of. :)

    Be safe and stay away from the emu's and any nearby ostriches.

  13. Hi Lori,
    Oh My, a turkey!

    I was going to post a link but forgot. Here 'tis...

    Not much of a story really, but you might enjoy the old bikes :)

  14. So you "ducked" a "hawk". Seems like it was an entirely appropriate response!

  15. LOL! :)
    Today I 'ducked' pigeons, and stopped for a bunch of buzzards, and an eagle snacking on road kill. It never ends!