Friday, April 8, 2011

Flamingos and an Apology

I haven't posted much motorcycle stuff lately. Last week I went for a little ride. I had a location in mind, for a fellow blogger. Something I stumbled across a couple years ago, but the last time I checked the spot was empty. On this day I hit pay dirt. The flamingos are back! These are for Keith of Twists and Leanings. Can't really top the flamingo lady, but it was nice to see these guys back and congregating at their favorite crossing! 
Flamingo Crossing
Sorry everyone.
You know that weather report that can't decide if it's going to be mostly dry on Saturday, or rainy? Well, it's gonna rain. I washed the bike today. As I type, Sam is in the driveway blissfully soaking up the sunshine, and working on her tan. Well, she's soaking up the sunshine anyway. I guess she deserves a little sunbathing. This was her commute this week.
Wednesday morning
and to was a rainin'
To be fair. We didn't get rain on Thursday. This is because Ron had purchased some fancy-shmancy spray on water repellent that makes the rain simply roll off the face shield. I wanted to try it out. I sprayed it on, and the big, black, nasty rain clouds all stayed just out of range. How about that! It works...sort of...

Okay, back on topic...
Once upon a time I liked to wash my car. I pulled on cutoffs, cranked up the cassette player, Aerosmith will due nicely, and set upon the car with soap and water. I actually thought this was fun. At some point in my life the appeal of car washing faded, and I figured out I could take the car to the car wash, that I didn't need to do all this work myself. 
Dirty bike
That was about the time I started riding. Great! Can't take the bike to the car wash!! Well, I suppose I could, but you know...
Soapy Sam
So Sam gets a bath. She better like it, cuz it may be the only one she gets this year.
No music today, except the sweet sound of a bike being ridden somewhere in the neighborhood. No better music than that. It's kind of fun to wash the green parts. There is reward there. Black parts, not so much. I remembered the mirrors this time...but forgot the handguards. I didn't wash the wheels. They're black, it won't matter.
Clean bike (sort of). Look fast, cuz clean and shiny won't last
Afterwords the reward. I rode over to Albany and  met Ron after work. Ron requested a quick run on Cold Springs Road. Normally he rides behind me, but on Cold Springs all I see is his tail lights disappearing down the road and around the curve...gone. He waits for me at the other end.

So again, sorry about the rain tomorrow.


  1. Nice flamingo crossing. Is that what the sign says? What's the apology for? Washing your bike or not letting the rain do the job for you?

  2. Love the Flamingos!

    I will do my part and PROMISE not to wash my bike this weekend. Maybe we'll cancel each other out with the rain god.


  3. LOL. I know just what you mean! Used to love washing the big Blazer. Now take the truck through the car wash. Oilburner is egging me on to wash both of the bikes today. I might happen...

    Love the flamingo crossing. Quite fun.


  4. I love the pic with the flamingos and daffodils in front. Nice catch!
    As for washing the bike or any vehicle for that matter... isn't that what rain is for? I have a hard time understanding why some people spend more time on polishing their means of transport instead of using it...

  5. Bike washing? Hmmm...a strange habit! :)
    Here is another post about flamingos, scroll down about 5 pictures.
    (Taken near Sedona Az.)

  6. BIke washing ...I am the same, dont mind washing the bikes but I hate washing the car.

  7. Wow, I feel almost famous!

    Thanks for the flamingos . . . and the daffodils. I'm glad your daffodils didn't have any snow on them. I didn't know until the Flamingo Lady told me, but the plastic pink flamingo was created by a guy named Featherstone. She showed me one of her "actual" Featherstone Flamingos. I have no idea why I felt I needed to share that. Oh well, it must be the flamingo fever LOL.

    It is 84F and clear here today. Bikes are out everywhere.

    I agree with Sonja about rain being the way to bathe a bike, but once a year I have to clean off the corrosive protective coating. That is not a fun job.


  8. My bike really needs a bath. On the nice days like today (Saturday) I've had something more pressing to do. Last week it was help our son and daughter-in-law move, today it was the taxes. Then there's the coming forecast... more rain so why wash. I like a clean bike though and yours looks great! There's another point to Sonja's philosophy and that is a bike that's dirty looks well used. Or maybe that's a dirty bike is a happy bike. Okay I'm stretching it.

    I really like the "Soapy Sam" shot and the angle on the last one from the ground. Nice shootin' Kari!

  9. Hi Richard,
    Yep, flamingo crossing. lol - apology for the rain that is sure to fall because I washed the bike, and now the sunshine riders won't have their sunny day. Turns out it wasn't half bad on Saturday. We saw quite a number of riders out and about. We were on bicycles.

  10. Thanks Fuzzy,
    ...and appreciate the help on the bike washing factor. It must of worked, because we didn't have rain!

  11. Hi Lori,
    I think washing both bikes is above and beyond the call of duty. You are very generous! :)

  12. Hi Sonja
    Thank you. I agree on the vehicle washing. I use the rain most of the time, but it looked like it needed a little help. :)
    We've had our car for a couple of years and I have yet to wash it. It gets a wash at it' regular service, that's good enough for me.

  13. Hi Ken,
    Ha Ha - Those flamingos are awesome!! Someone has a great sense of humor and fun! Loved the scenery in the post as well - beautiful!

    Thanks for the link. I don't think I've been to that site before, but I plan to go back and do some exploring.

  14. Hi Raftn
    lol - I'm not a fan of washing either one. I was kind of grumbling the whole time...and I missed a lot of spots in my impatience to get the job over with. :)

  15. Hi Keith,
    I was hoping you'd like them! :)
    I didn't see them the last time through the area, so I was surprised to see they were back in full force!

    I liked the Featherstone story. Funny how appropriate his name is for a flamingo artist! I'm jealous of your 84F ;)

  16. Hi Mike,
    So true about the rain is coming so why wash. I thought about a good wash a couple times only to be thwarted by rain. I kind of like her looking a little dirty too.

  17. Hahaha - that's great! Our neighbour has one on his front lawn with solar-charged LED's inside that light it up a treat.

    I love cleaning the bike, it's therapeutic for me. Stick the iPod on and away we go - an hour of solitude!

  18. Hi Geoff
    LED Flamingos - lol, what people come up with! That's great! I'd still rather spend the hour riding than cleaning. :)

  19. Nice to see the flamingos tiptoeing through the daffodils.

    Don't feel bad about not washing the bike very often. I think the TU only got washed once the whole year I had it.

    So far Max has had one bath to get the road grime off from Troubadour's rain commuting.

    One thing about not riding too much in the rain is the bikes stay cleaner.

  20. Love the flamingos, ha ha, someone with a sense of humor ;-)
    There's truth to what you said, I washed my bike on Sunday and today it's pouring rain, same for tomorrow, it's during the week so it's okay, I'm not riding, hopefully will get sunny for the weekend.

  21. I've seen those come and go around here, to. One night they were over by us. I live in the general vicinity of West Albany High. I went back to take a photo and they were gone the next day. Then they showed up at a house by the hospital. Gone the next day.

    Wonder if they are the same batch of birds that get passed around. Seems like a big investment to only put up as a fun thing once in a while.

    At least you captured them. I got lazy about carrying a camera all the time and paid for it by missing out!

  22. Hi Trobairitz,
    lol - it was fun to see the flamingos again, and the daffodils were a bonus. Very spring like. :)

  23. Hi George,
    lol - sorry about your rain, but you have to keep it there. I don't need anymore here. I do wish you a sunshiny weekend! :)

  24. Hi Dan,
    Quite the mysterious flock of flamingos, skulking about the neighborhood! Silly boy, Bobskoot would tell you to always have a camera in your pocket. ;)