Saturday, April 16, 2011

So, who went riding today?

Ron and I rode to Eugene today. Going south was not a good choice. All the rain was south today. Well, aren't WE the lucky ones. We had some dry roads, but we also had to ride through some standing water. The murky water stretched from one side of the road to the other. Ron went first and hit a pothole on his way through. No way, I'm not go through that. But where I'm stopped I can't turn around. Ron saw the look on my face and knew...he had to ride back. He picked a different line through the water and everything went smoothly. While we sat and discussed the options, a white-haired grandma came cruising through in her Honda Civic, no problem. I watched her wheels, and her smooth ride through the water. Yeah, if grandma can do it, I can do it. Just stay left.

Okay, deep breath...and GO!

Water flying left, water flying right, and according to Ron, a really cool rooster tail. Okay, maybe I didn't need quite that much throttle to get through, but I was a little nervous and I didn't want to lose momentum. Sadly we didn't think to get a photo. It was suggested I could ride through it again. Nope.

Kinda wish I did though.

We made it to Discount Motorcycle. I found some gloves (okay, I found a couple pair of gloves and a tank bag, but I only bought the one pair of gloves). Ron tried some riding pants but nothing really fit. We waited for the rain to stop...shopped more...and waited. The rain was still falling. We we're going to make a few other stops, but it was too much hassle getting in and out of wet gear. Instead we head towards home, still raining but riding was okay.

is our dining room. I think I need more chairs...and more towels

More wet gear and puddles under the rocking chair.
Wait, there's more...
Ignore the mess on table it is standard equipment
(if I clean it, it just fills up again)

And gear spilled into the spare room.
One more...
The worst of the rain soaked goodies gets first dibs on the dryer. 
The bikes made less mess in the garage!

Ninety some miles in the rain and all that got wet were my gloves (warm cuz of the heated grips), and my socks (wool so again, wet but warm). I have Joe Rocket alter ego pants and jacket. Water resistent outer and waterproof inner liner. The outer layer was soaked through, but nothing made it past the inner liners. I had been wondering how it would hold up in extended rain. Now I know.  One more plus for the day, I didn't need the heated jacket this afternoon. It must be slightly warmer.

Gotta go...the weatherman is on with another tall tale about dry weather.


  1. Kudos for venturing out for a ride yesterday. We rode to coffee and it was misting by the time we rode home. Troubadour guessed it wasn't going to let up so we opted to not go for a longer ride. Today looks more promising. You know it will be sunny when we all go back to work tomorrow.

  2. Great you made it out there in the rain. I find riding through puddles of murky water challenging too, although my F650GS seems to be made for it. But hitting an unseen pothole and maybe thrown off the bike is not a funny thought.
    Your dining room looks pretty much like mine when I return from a ride ;-)

  3. Somebody once told me that riding in rain like that is ‘character-building’. That might be true, but the only thing it did for my character was to make it wet. Loved all the drying out pictures!

  4. Good for you!
    any day out on two wheels is a good day although it might not seem like it at the time. This is what I use to keep my hands dry: 100% effective and thin enough not to reduce feel. They also keep your hands warm!

  5. You know what they say about rain... it's only water! :-) Did you come back on I-5? Very few puddles there.

    Discount Motorcycle is nice but I forget it's there, being tucked off the main road. Sounds like a nice trip!

  6. Hi Trobairitz,
    My bad for listening to Portland meteorologists! They said sprinkles in the morning then dry. We figured, eh, what's a few sprinkles...

    Our other option for the day was our bicycle club's ride, and they fared worse: 63 miles in the same unceasing rain. At least we could motor home. ;)

  7. Hi Sonja,
    Agreed on the murky water, I didn't like what I couldn't see. Once we saw the car go through we could tell where the road was flat. It was only a few inches deep. I don't think that Ninjas are "made for it", but she gave it a go! :)

  8. lol-Gary,
    Character building...if you could have heard some of the mutterings issuing from under my helmet you'd know there wasn't much character being built. Not "good" character anyway. ;-)

    I sometimes enjoy riding in rain on quiet country roads, it's very peaceful. Just not on busy city streets with the visor fogging, and traffic buzzing, and if you take off your gloves you can't slip them back on again... ;)

  9. Hi Geoff,
    The rain-off gloves are interesting. I think I could wear my light gloves underneath, and still be comfortable. I have waterproof gloves, but they are a fitted ladies glove. They work good normally, but I couldn't get my damp hands back into them. I swapped them for some other, non-waterproof ones.

    I learned one thing. There's a big difference between gearing up inside where it's dry and being stuck gearing up in the rain with no shelter. I may need some new strategies. :)

  10. Hi Mike,
    'Tis true, and I didn't melt!
    We came back on 99E and assorted back roads from there. I-5, very few puddles but too many cars! Besides some puddles are fun! Pretty soon we'll be fording creeks and streams. ;-)

  11. Dear BlueKat:

    I have no problem with getting caught in the rain, but I will not venture out if it seems like a certainty. It poured like hell on Saturday and I had the aftermathn of joint pain on Sunday. So I ended up sitting this weekend out. But I'm glad you got some cool gloves.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  12. BlueKat:

    You are braver than me. I would need Ron to lead the way, or else, follow Grandma. I also need a larger tank bag, I have enough gloves, for now

    Riding the Wet Coast

  13. Hi Jack,
    Sorry to hear about the joint pain, I hope it fades away quickly. Getting caught in the rain, that's how it starts. Then pretty soon you don't care if it's raining or not, you just ride! :)

    The new gloves are for sunnier weather, but I'm not sure if we're going to have any sunshine this year!

  14. Hi Bob
    Ron did lead the way. I just vetoed his first choice and made him come back for a second try. Grandma saved his bacon. She whooshed on through, perfect line, no hidden bumps, I chose to follow her wheel track.

    If you get a larger tank bag, you'll just pack along more stuff!

  15. You always have to watch out for those large puddles. When I was a kid riding my bicycle I loved going through large puddles but one day the puddle had been caused by a ruptured pipe shooting water and I fell into the hole, mind you, this happened in Africa and the road was a sand road :-( people that saw me fall in had to drag me out, it was scary as s*it :-(

  16. Holy Cow George!
    That would horrible!! I have a fear of water, and being sucked down into a hole is about my worst nightmare! I'm glad you had someone to pull you out.

  17. This looks like the yardsale I created in my hotel room after getting stuck in a day's downpour in Michigan. Driving in the rain completely sucks. The picture would have been fantastic I'm sure. I can't understand why you didn't think to snap one while out in the rain, worried about hydroplaning and potholes... maybe next time. Summer will be here soon, and hopefully there's less watersports to be had.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  18. Hi Brady,
    lol - I can imagine the room was quite a mess. Hope there was dry corner left for you in there!
    Summer can't get here soon enough!