Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Princess gets a Bath

I have been giving Ron more than his fair share of harassment with regards to The Princess and her baths. He really does have a method to his madness, something he heard from a coworker who rides.

How to wash The Princess in three easy steps:
Hey! I write this kind of tripe...er, information at work all the time!

 1. Rinse the bike with water
2.  Spray with a mixture of Simple Green cleaner - don't let it dry.
Heavy duty, Industrial strength,  royal-sized, Princess sprayer.

Oh God, I hope I'm not next!
3. Rinse with water to remove soap.
The bugs just flow off the windshield!

(Okay four easy steps)...If you're so inclined, sponge off the shiny bits as not all dirt residue is removed by the three step process.

flowery, artsy, glam shot

It takes about 10 minutes to bathe The Princess. Ron has made it perfectly clear that if this didn't make things easier, The Princess wouldn't see soap and water for many long weeks...or months. I may even have to give it a go.


  1. RON:

    I want to see some photos of you, washing SAM

    thank you

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. 10 minutes to wash The Princess is impressive! The Triple has all sorts of nooks and crannies round the engine which needs a paintbrush - takes an hour to wash and dry my baby. I hope Ron doesn't have to clean yours straight afterwards!

  3. My Strom takes about 10 minutes, the Nomad takes considerably longer. I'm always tempted to go to one of those fund raiser bikini bike washes...

  4. Why is this bike getting washed again? Meanwhile the only water that my Nella has seen, was from above.
    Like Ken I was also thinking along the line of fundraiser events, but Ron in a bikini... I don't know.

  5. Directions simple enough that even I could follow. Nice artsy, glam shot of the chrome.

    BTW, nice new header. How'd you do the effect?


  6. Great post Kari. Love the new header pic too. And I agree with Richard - the artsy flower glam shot is great of the princess.

  7. No. I'm sorry. Those steps aren't terribly simple. I might need another example. Have Ron show me how it goes again. And since he needs another subject, volunteer Sam.



  8. Why doesn't he just not ride it in the rain? Ride the GS in the rain and keep the Princess in her palace, only to be ridden on sunny days.
    I'm with Sonja, the only time Lucy gets wet is from above... dual sports rock!

  9. Hi Bob
    That's 1 for Ron washing Sam. Maybe if he gets enough votes...

  10. Hi Geoff,
    That's the beauty of it. You spray the nooks and crannies and the dirt just rinses off...or so he claims. That's what I hate most about cleaning bikes, there are a million little crannies, and you can never get them all!

  11. Hi Ken,
    The bikini bike wash would certainly work. You get to relax and enjoy the view, and you get a clean bike! What' not to love?

  12. Hi Sonja,
    LOL - He came home tonight and said he'd read the comments and it took a downturn right from the start! No worries, he said he wouldn't be caught dead in a bikini. :)

  13. Hi Richard,
    Thanks! Per the banner, the steps are a little fuzzy...I tend to start applying this and that filter or effect, and half the time I forget what I did. A link to a post where I try to explain it can be found here
    (Shamelessly plugging another of my blogs)

  14. LOL, Lori
    That's 2 comments now that he needs to do Sam. I'm keeping count and turning over the results for his perusal. Um, wouldn't hold my breath on Sam getting a princess bath.

  15. Hi Troubadour
    She would be in her palace a long long time waiting for a sunny day! The GS has moved on to another home, He does have that little 200 though. Dual sports do rock! So your girl has a name, I didn't think you named your bikes. It suits.

  16. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  17. A friend says dirt gives character to his bike, mine is full of character right now from last weekend in the rain ;-) Tell Ron too much water will rust the bike, ha ha
    As far as pictures, take them from far, no one will see the dirt ;-)

  18. If I can take enough time to get the windshield and headlights clean I'm ahead.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  19. Hi George,
    lol, mine to is full of character as well :)

  20. Hi Brady,
    I've even stopped worrying about those. Poor little bike. I'm beginning to feel a little guilty of neglect.

  21. Dear BlueKat:

    There is nothing as soothing as a squeaky clean motorcycle. But I have never been able to get mine clean in ten minutes. In fact, I used to pay a kid in the neighborhood $100 to detail it. It used to take her five hours to get in gleaming and spotless.

    I wrote a bikini bike wash story in the June issue of the BMA MOA Owners News magazine.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  22. Hi Jack
    I don't know...riding a bike, clean or dirty is pretty soothing in my book. Perhaps that's my problem, no real incentive to keep her clean.

    A Jack Riepe bikini bike wash story...I almost afraid to go find a copy. :)