Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rain Again, Naturally

It starts out so promising, but alas it is not to be...a dry ride that is. In preparation for longer trips Ron and I decided it was time for a long ride. The absolute hardest thing about planning a trip is picking a route. So many options, which one to chose. I can fritter away whole weekends with indecisiveness. This weekend we come up with a plan, a trip to the coast, and we stick to it.

The route will take us out to the coast by way of highway 34 to Waldport, down the coast highway to Reedsport where we'll head inland on highway 38 to Drain. Returning north we'll take Territorial Road around the edge of Eugene, and then ride local roads toward home, a total of 277 miles, more or less. When I figure out the mileage later at home we'll realize this is our longest ride ever, most of it with the pitter-patter of raindrops on the face shield.

Fortunately we have a dry highway 34 to ourselves out to the coast. For those not local to the area, this is a great, curve filled, motorcycle road. At least this portion of the trip can be given the appropriate level of appreciation and use. The first raindrops hit us outside of Waldport, and the rain will stay with us for the rest of the day. Needless to say I have very few photos. I had planned the day as a blog post and wanted at least a few nice pics, but with the rain I don't even want to take the camera out of the bag.
No photos in Waldport. We take enough time to add the rain liners, gear back up and "get out of Dodge". It isn't long until we hit one of the few dry sections of the ride, through Yachats and the long climb up Cape Perpetua.
A dry patch
Cape Perpetua & Devil's churn
It's not possible to do justice to this route without photos. It's very pretty, even though much of it is highway miles, both routes through the mountains are beautiful. Gotta say, all this rain has made things extremely lush this year.

We stop for coffee and a snack at a little restaurant in Drain, Oregon. It's time to get out of the rain and take a little break from the saddle. We are accused of bringing the rain with us - guilty. We linger for awhile which is out of character for me. Something I only do on motorcycle, or maybe bicycle. I guess two wheeled travel makes one slow down at times.

Back on the road I miss my turn and end up on the freeway. I'm really going to have to give in and get a GPS. I'm tired of trying to find hidden roads, hoping I find the right route. We finally find our way to Territorial Road, which is another great road...if it isn't raining cats and dogs. One pucker moment on some loose gravel in a corner, but all is good, the tires stick.

We take one final break in Harrisburg. Just a moment to stretch and to fuss with Ron's heated jacket which has been working intermittently lately.
Willamette River in Harrisburg


  1. Yes I am hearing alot about the continual rain you seem to be having, I think our winter is drier than your summer. Good ride report all the same, and glad you got out.

    I too can lose a whole weekend with indecivness........sigh....

  2. Good, at least you got out. I don't know what's wrong with the weather this year. Last year I had already logged several thousand km's, this year... not so much. Although I don't mind riding in the rain, I certainly prefer dry roads.
    I like the shots of Cape Perpetua nevertheless. They look quite dramatic in the grey.

  3. Whole weekends of indecisiveness, oh how true, how true.

    We rode the same route yesterday, saw you and Ron ride by but we went North at Waldport to Ona Beach. Got caught in the rain in Newport then booked it for home like drowned rats.
    How did pretty, pretty princess fair the rain? It's going to take Ron hours of detailing to get her cleaned up and presentable again. That should give you hours of peaceful enjoyment to yourself, (almost as if you planned it). ;)

  4. The rain does make everything look really green. I like the shots out at the cape though it may look better with clear blue skies;-)

    At least you got out for a ride.

  5. BlueKat: In spite of the weather you managed to salvage a good day. You need one of those waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof, drop-proof, indestructible cameras. I know what you mean about throttle endurance, and cramping legs due to fixed positioning.

    Riding the Wet Coast

    ps: I noticed you were posting at 03:45am, don't you rest ?

  6. Rain, rain, go away.
    Come to Georgia Any day.

    Sounds like you still made a great day through some adverse conditions. I hope that I could have been as accepting. :)

    Plus one with Bob. Quite a few decent cameras out there that are waterproof for just such occasions. Yet one more thing to learn how to work. :)


  7. Well...a ride in the rain is better than no ride. :) Nice pics of 'Greenland'.

  8. Hi Raftnn
    I think you're right! I've seen some of the "winter" pics from your area. It's not fair!! :)

  9. Hi Sonja,
    I don't mind riding in the rain either, but sheesh, enough is enough already!!

  10. Hi Troubadour
    You did? Where were you guys at? I hope 34 was dry when you went through. At least that would help make up for the rest of the day.
    LOL, pretty pretty princess discovered she doesn't melt in the rain. She didn't even get her bath until today. :)

  11. Hi Richard,
    Blue skies? We don't have blue skies...especially at the coast, especially if I'm on two wheels, and most especially if I'm camping in a tent. No blue skies for bluekat!

    Ya know, it wasn't a bad ride. We didn't stop as much as we like, but it's nearly always peaceful and relaxing on a bike despite the raindrops.

  12. Hi Bob,
    Nah, more fun to live dangerously...and if the camera gets broken...well I'll just have to buy another! It's my upgrade plan.
    Not sure why it would say 3:45. I'm definitely a night owl, but I was off to bed by 1:00.

  13. Lori
    Please, please, PLEASE take our rain! You can have it all!! Stay cool out there. I hear the rest of the country is actually having summer!

  14. Hi Ken,
    Yes, I agree. A ride in the rain is better than a sunny drive in the car any day! Riding makes all the grey days tolerable.

  15. We were on the corner of 53rd and Philomath Blvd at the Bi-Mart with our group of 7 when you rode by. We were getting ready to ride to Alpine through Alsea Falls then to Waldport. We got the rain just outside of Waldport. Sprinkled a bit at Ona Beach and was heavy by the time we left for Newport and all the way home.

    Good job on 277 miles. I haven't done that much in one day yet, but I imagine as the weather gets better (it will get better won't it?) then I will.

    Not a great day for pictures, but the ones you managed to get are nice.

  16. Oh, okay I know where that is. Must have been oblivious, I didn't see any bikes around. (Cripes, we really are invisible!)

    Keep thinking positively, she says as she swipes off more rain drops...Supposedly there are some 80 degree days coming up. I'm sure something will happen, a high will shift here, and a low will shift there, and a cold wind will blow in from Alaska...oh wait, it's warm in Alaska!

    Okay, I'll stop now.

  17. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  18. Nice pic of the two bikes and the coast, it's so rugged up there. Talking about rain, last weekend I went to Americade, it will be next on the blog and had to ride in torrential rain for 3 hours :-(
    Water managed to get in, I got soaked, even my boot was full of water, arrrrg.

  19. Hi George,
    Well that must have made for a miserable ride. As much as I've ridden in the rain, I've rarely gotten really wet. Actually, that's not right...When I first started riding my first long (50 miles) ride we were caught in a storm. Jeans and leather garden gloves. We were soaked, but at least it was a warm day.

    I hope you had a good day despite being soaked!

  20. "One pucker moment on some loose gravel in a corner, but all is good, the tires stick."

    What a statement. Is this the same Bluekat I used to know and who came to ART? The person who wrote that sentence sounds more like a seasoned rider!

  21. Ha. It was two pieces of gravel that I had to ride between. Nicked one while leaned over 1%. Scary stuff that. (well, maybe it was more than two)

    What, were you picturing masses of gravel and I just roared on through whilst scraping pegs all the while? Not yet anyway. ;)