Monday, July 4, 2011

A Bicycle Ride and a Sunset

Tandem Ride
This weekend found us on a two-wheeled, no motor but us, form of transportation: Kermit, the big green tandem. Once upon a time it was our bike of choice, but these last couple of years we only occasionally take it for a spin. A short jaunt on the bike path should be just the ticket.

Willamette River

Todays ride: the bike paths in Eugene Oregon. As often as I've ridden these bike paths we still manage to find a new route to explore. You could say Eugene has a lot of bike path options.
East Bank Bike Path
Alton Baker Park
Blue Heron on the Willamette River
I-5 Bridge work
DeFazio Bike Bridge
Requisite food food porn in this case.
The healthy choice (well, maybe) Wendy's wild berry chicken salad and apple pecan chicken salad. The unhealthy choice: Wild berry parfait!
Wild Berry Chicken Salad
Pecan Apple Chicken Salad
Wild Berry Parfait
It was a good time being back on the tandem.

Sunset #1
Tonight will be my first ride for a sunset photo this summer. Our small town is nestled between several small buttes that effectively block sunrise and sunsets from our view. If the sunset won't come to us...we go to the sunset. We still have time...if we hurry! Motorcycle gear is pulled on over bicycling gear. A quick dash around Peterson's Butte to find nice open vistas across the valley. We ride into the sunset (with sun in our eyes) and into the bugs. Hurry! Hurry! She's sinking fast!! I almost stop early at a wide spot in the road, but no we can make it to the little school on top of the hill.

I plunge into the gravel parking lot with little of my usual anxiety about gravel. Who has time to fret over gravel surfaces, I have a sunset to capture.No time to fuss with camera settings. No time to dig out the tripod. It will be point and shoot tonight. Photos are dark to capture the color in the sky, it really wasn't very dark out.
Straight out of the camera

Well nothing fantastic, but it's the first official sunset run for the summer. More clouds and some dynamic colors would liven up the show a little.
Fussed with and blended in photoshop.


  1. This is definitely the kind of fast food I like, usually I prefer the slow kind of food.
    Your sunset pics are admirable, I love the last shot even though it has been worked on (that's what fotoshop is for...).

  2. I also like the last sunset picture as well. The composition as well as the colors. Actually the food pics look appetizing even if it's fast food.

    I just learned about the Bike Friday tandem made in Eugene, OR, from one of my relatives. The whole thing fits into a couple of suitcases and he has used it touring in France & Ireland. It sounds interesting.

  3. Kari:
    Looks like you're well-catered for on bicycles to avoid mixing with traffic - that's great. All I can say about your lovely food porn is that it's a good job that we've just eaten!

    Sunsets - nothing fantastic? They're just gorgeous!!

  4. Kari:

    I used to do a lot of cycling. I even have a nearly new bike just sitting there doing nothing. I even thought about riding it one day soon. As for your food porn photos, sometimes we have salads too on hot days

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. Great post Kari. We've been thinking we need to get out on our bicycles one day. We have a couple of 3-speed beach cruisers hanging in the garage waiting for allergy season to be over.

    Great sunset pics too. I'm with the group. They are beautiful.

  6. Hi Sonja,
    It was pretty good for fast food, I must say. Thanks!

  7. Hi Richard
    Thank you. A couple in our bicycle club had a bike Friday tandem...I think they call them bike Tuesday (twos day). They're kind of cool looking/funky looking little bikes. I know their single bike fits in a suitcase that then serves as a trailer when on the road. There is a lady that rode one across the USA.

  8. Hi Geoff
    We weren't planning to eat lunch there, but it was right where we parked the car, and they had these big posters of the salads...thought hmmm, those look good! That's what happens when I ride a bicycle. All food looks so good! Pretty sure I consumed more calories than I burned, darn it.

  9. Hi Bob,
    Seems like a lot of motorcyclists have spent time bicycling as well. Guess it's a natural combination. :)
    So true salads and hot weather. I never want salad in winter.

  10. Hi Trobairitz,
    The cruisers sound perfect for the bike trails. We have an old one Ron refurbished. It has a huge basket that our dog rides in. Is that tacky or what!! But the dog loves it. As for allergy season...I'm not sure it ends until the rain comes back. Thanks

  11. So I presume you trucked the bike to Eugene? Riding to Eugene looking at Ron's backside the whole time just makes me shudder!

    Have you biked over the new bike/pedestrian bridge over I-5 to Gateway Mall, yet? There's a Cabela's there now, you know. :)

    As to sunsets, I never have been to Petersen's Butte. Can't seem to find the driveway. Did take some sunset photos off the top of Pilot Butte in Bend a couple weeks ago, though.

  12. Hi Dan,
    Haven't biked that particular section of the trail, but have definitely visited Cabelas. :)
    I'm glad they're so busy, just wish it was less busy on my visits!

  13. Dear BlueKat:

    I stopped riding bicycles when I got a two-wheeler that could hit 70mph going up hill, without causing me to break a sweat. I started riding again in 2003, but the activity really aggravated my arthritiis.

    But I certainly like it when you get out on a bicycle though. I never rode a tandem rig. I understand it takes a degree of concentration. Does it?

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  14. Hi Bluekat! Late to the party, but at least wanted to chime in and say the sunset pictures are gorgeous! Glad that the weather cooperated for a first sunset ride of the year.


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