Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Going to the Sun - Day Two

I had planned to post Day one and two together. Sucks to get old, I was too tired last night to finish the post, so here we go with Day two.

Monday was our day to arrive in Montana. We were up early for a quick breakfast at the motel before setting out for Idaho and finally Montana. First we have to get through Spokane and out of Washington. Spokane wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, but we did have to travel a few miles on city streets. I had one near miss with a van. My fault, it was hovering in my blind spot when I decided to change lanes. I saw it in time and all was well. Sam has blindspots that a bus could hide in. I know this and I need to always be vigilant to check over my shoulder. 
I don't remember that much traffic
Today would be a nice, simple ride along Highway 2 through Sandpoint and Bonner's Ferry, Idaho, Libby Montana, then on into Kalispell and Martin City, our destination for the day.
Bob at the Montana Border
Bridge over Moyie River Canyon. 

The view from the bridge over the Moyie River Canyon had a fantastic view, but alas, no place to pull over. There was a viewpoint just beyond the bridge, but when we explored it more closely we found that the best view was hidden in the trees. We chatted with a couple of Harley riders on a tour themselves. Ron took an opportunity to sit on one of the bikes. Pretty comfortable for the long haul! I didn't think to snap a photo.
Visiting with some fellow travelers

We finally arrive in Martin City and are greeted by this rather "official" looking fellow. Dom has been waiting and watching for our arrival to guide us to the quiet road that leads to our home for the next few days.
Dom described the cabin as "rustic". I think it's quaint. I love it. It retains much of it's old charm with wood floors and a wood burning cookstove. The stove is a decoration, the cabin also has electricity, hot water, and an electric stove. We can pretend to be pioneers, but still have modern comforts! In the yard there are lovely flowers everywhere.
Mickey's Cabin and Bunkhouse

Dom, Martha and their family graciously welcomed us to the little cabin in Montana.
The view from the cabin.

Each day we see deer out in the field.
Another view across the field from the road.
One of the thunderstorms that put on a show most evenings.
Martha had a wonderful meal ready for us weary travelers. This was more than gracious of her, as she had also traveled that day and did the shopping for the meals. Thanks so much! Very appreciated. That evening the boys, Patrick and Miles got a fire going in the fire pit, and the marshmallow roasting commenced. A very nice ending to another great day!

PS: I'm still tired. So how long does it take to recover from a vacation anyway!


  1. Nice views from the cabin especially the shot of the clouds.

    And, I think another vacation is required to recuperate from any vacation. It could take years I'm told...


  2. This sounds like a great trip, both for the places you went to see, the cabins and of course meeting a brace of fellow bloggers. I think I am going to have to add some of the places you saw to my own list.... Watch out for those blind spots, for they can creep up and bite you at just about anytime.

  3. Love the picture of the T-storm cloud.

    This is so much fun getting to read of this trip from the various viewpoints.

    Thanks for the share.

  4. The daytime skies look perfect for your activities. Wonderful pictures capturing the "wildlife" in many incarnations. The area is just gorgeous. And congrats on navigating all that gravel! :)


  5. The pics so remind me of Alberta, looks beautiful. What is it with riders and road signs? I also tend to do this ;-)

  6. Hi Richard,
    I agree, I need another vacation! :)

    Hi Gary,
    I would say, if you haven't done Glacier Natl. Park, it's a must do. Those darn blind spots! They follow me wherever I go! :(

    Hi Keith,
    The cloud was spectacular. I think everyone got a photo of it. It sprang up quickly and just as quickly, it dissipated. Thanks

  7. Hi Lori
    We had great weather on all days except the last day. A little sprinkle on the day three, and on the last day - buckets full all day long. :)

    Hi Sonja
    If that's so, then Alberta must be lovely. I'm rather bad about the road signs. If it wasn't for Bob, I don't think I'd have thought to stop at them on my own.

  8. Kari and Ron, you both along with Bobskoot were such a great addition to the group at the cabin.


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    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  9. Thanks Dom
    I really enjoyed meeting you and your family. We felt very welcomed and like part of the family. Thanks for an enjoyable time in Montana. :)

  10. I need another cross country trip, beautiful pictures. We didn't make it to Glacier because we didn't have enough time last year :-(
    I would love to spend time in a cabin, never done that.

  11. Hi George,
    Definitely recommend Going to the Sun. I think the road construction is supposed to be done in 2013. That would be perfection! I liked the cabin, but that's because along with it's rustic style it had modern touches...like electricity, and hot running water. I have my standards ya know!

  12. Gosh, if that doesn't look like a little slice of heven i dont know what does!