Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Ride to Buena Vista Ferry - Bicycling

A busy weekend and Ron and I only have Sunday for ourselves. As always, lots of options on how to spend the day. The tough part is deciding on an activity and sticking to it. Bicycling won the day.
Nursery stock?
We haven't investigated the brand-spanking new Buena Vista Ferry, so that will be the destination of choice. We set out from Albany toward Jefferson then swing around to Ankeny Wildlife Refuge. It's a perfect day for riding. We'll see a lot of other bicyclists on the road, and a few motorcyclists as well. In the fields farmers are preparing and harvesting grass seed.
Combines lined up on a field
 We stop at the pond (lake, wetlands?) in the refuge. One look over the bank confirms nothing wet left here. Quite different from winter.
Ankeny Wildlife Refuge
Same scene, Jan 2010
 The new ferry is lovely to see up close. Everything is fresh and newly painted, like a shiney new toy at Christmas. I've noticed a couple of changes. Reading the Ferry sign just off the freeway I see the new operating hours, open 7 days a week except Thanksgiving and Christimas. Really? Open year round? Cool! The other change as of August 5th, a $1 charge for bicyclists...sounds fair to me.
Buena Vista Ferry

View from the ferry. I love how the engines sound. I love being on the water.
Another change, I see boaters are no longer allowed to use the ferry ramp as a boat launch.
I'm checking out the ramps, to see if I can conquer them. I want to take Sam on a ferry ride.
We take a short break at Buena Vista park, munch on some trail mix, and watch the boaters out fishing on the water. Very peaceful here beside the river.
Buena Vista Ferry from the park
Little flowers in the park
Our return route is along Buena Vista Road to North Albany where we cross over the Willamette River into downtown Albany. A quick trip through town then back to the car where we drive to our hard earned reward!
Luckiamute Landing
My other two wheels
Willamette River along Riverside Drive
Jump? :)
Willamette River from the bridge
For Sale in Albany
A well earned treat


  1. Looks like you had great weather and a nice ferry ride in the middle of the ride. That looks like the Ninja version of a bicycle i.e. short wheelbase, steep head tube with very little rake and no racks. Where do you strap on all the gear? ;-)

  2. My bicycle has flat tires. Been that way for about 10 years. Admire you, though. Which Starbucks were you at? We used to go sit at the Fred Meyer location but there are getting to be too many disruptive elements hanging around. Now we favor the one in North Albany.

  3. Looks like you had a great day. Kudos to you for getting out and riding your bicycles.

    My bike is currently hanging up in the garage. A nice beach cruiser - about my speed. Maybe we'll get it out one of these nights.

  4. Looks like a wonderful day. Good for you that you practice riding sans motor every so often. I have ditched my bike many years ago since I found out that the world isn't flat... Lovely pics, I like ferry riding, too (actually I like everything water-related).

  5. Bluekat:

    I used to do a lot of cycling and even have a new bike, but unfortunately the air has leaked out of the tires due to non-use. I have tried to blow really hard into those valve stems but cannot get air into them . I do like the looks of your treats, perhaps I could just meet you there and forget about the peddling part

    Riding the Wet Coast

  6. It must have been a tough decision: bicycle, motorbike, kayak. Good choice. I still haven't taken the motorbike on a ferry here. Aren't too many available out here. :)

    Thanks for sharing. Looked like a wonderful day.

  7. Hi Richard,
    Weather has been perfect. Not too hot, just nice enough to get out and enjoy the day. LOL, I should take a picture of Ron's bike. It has a rack...guess who ends up carry extra stuff? ;)

    Okay, I have to save face, I have a seatpost rack and bag for when I need to carry extra gear, usually just in winter.

  8. Hi Irondad,
    Didn't know about the one in North Albany, that would have been better, right off our route. We were at Freddies, watching the disruptive elements. It can be entertaining.

  9. Hi Trobairitz
    A cruiser sounds just about perfect for all those bike paths in Corvallis, ride somewhere and have a nice treat!

  10. Hi Sonja,
    Wish you were closer, we could go kayaking! Isn't it great being out on the water.

  11. Hi Bobskoot,
    Let's see, we'll pedal 7 hours north, you ride 7 hours south...and meet ??? Where ever that would be I'm sure they have a Starbucks! ;)

  12. Hi Lori,
    It's a great time of year to be out, be it by bike or boat or...
    Next I have to ride Sam across the ferry. I'm just procrastinating now. I know I can do it....I think I can do it???

  13. Irondad and Bobskoot,
    That's your excuses? Flat tires. Even I can fix a flat tire! ;)

  14. BlueKat:

    Okay, start pedalling North. I'll go outside and wait for you. Remember, it was your idea

    Riding the Wet Coast

    PS: no need to carry a pump, I have one

  15. Great pictures. I have been riding my scooter so much I was looking for the throttle when I was riding my bike the other day. Itsnweird hownthat becomes 2nd nature. I love the picture of the bridge, looks like you had a great cycling day.

  16. Dear BlueKat:

    There was a time when mounting a bicycle would have been a great way to spend a day... No more. My knees won't hear of it. The last time I rode my bike, a nice hybrid affair, I had to use the curb to get on and off of it. Great pictures of the ferry and the river. I'm assuming it is a cable ferry?

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  17. BlueKat:

    I count 5 photos of a person wearing a blue shirt we presume is RON, but can't tell from the back. I didn't think he was that shy ?

    Riding the Wet Coast

  18. There has been a lot of commotion over bicycles and ferries lately. Bicycling is great, but I think a ferry ride would be more interesting. I've been entirely too spoiled to work that hard with any regularity. Of course, a bicycle pub adventure is worthwhile. Kudos for your intestinal fortitude.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  19. Bobskoot - lol :)
    Sorry about the pics. Those were just the ones the came out the best.


    Thanks Dar,
    I start looking for that throttle, usually on a long uphill. :)


    Hi Jack
    Yes, a cable ferry. We have three in the area. Bicycling seems to take a toll on the knees. I'm having complaints from my left knee when I ride these days. We've tweaked the bike fit a little and that seems to help. Oh to be young again when nothing hurts!


    Hi Brady,
    A bicycle pub adventure...
    The club I ride with has several rides that end at breweries or wineries...These rides seem to be increasing in the ride books for some odd reason. I can't figure it out! ;)