Friday, September 2, 2011

I'll Take Two

Two Friends
Some friends invited us to go for a little ride on Sunday. Friends don't let friends climb hills...

and hills...
Linda and Wally

Two Hills
Wally has ridden Dan's trail from Chip Ross Park in Corvallis. Ron and I have ridden Dan's trail from the Jackson Creek access. Wally's version included an extra hill. Thanks Wally!

A Whole Bunch of Climbing
We took the long route to the top of Chip Ross Hill. In this case longer is easier. The view from the top is pretty nice.
Chip Ross Park
We find the lower access to Dan's trail on our way down behind the park. I took one tumble on a sharp switchback, a stupid-can't-unclip-fast-enough fall. Weighted the inside pedal on the turn. Looked at my foot, looked at the ground and .... went where I looked. Miniscule amount of carnage to knees, not enough for bragging rights.
It's been 5 or 6 years since I've biked this area and it's different than I remember. The climbing is the same. I haven't forgotten the climbing.  We'll ride up the fire roads and access the trail from the top. The roads have become wide single track. We found our original route (610) up to the intersection on Sulpher Springs Road.
Wally at the intersection with Patterson Road.
We aren't done yet. Up we go to the top of Dimple Hill.
Patterson Road
Made it. I like the view from here.
Wally swears there's a better view from the top.
(Geez, I thought this was the top!) 

It's not that far ... 

just a wee climb up the trail ... 

not far at all ... 

and the view is spectacular!


 Fine, we'll do it. :(
Wally and Ron on the trail. You want  us to go up that?
Wally's right. The view is pretty good. We won't have to toss him over the edge.
Corvallis area from Dimple Hill
Bicycle porn - old school and new.
Met a little friend sunning on a rock.
What a surprise! No downhill pics. What took several hours to climb only took minutes to descend. I'll manage to fall one more time. Damn clipless pedals! One last minor ascent to return to the truck. A little over eleven hard miles and a great afternoon with friends! What a puny amount of mileage for how tired I feel.

Two Friends
Two Wheels
A Whole Bunch of Climbing


  1. Pretty view, I give you that. But why pedaling when there was motorized two wheels invented? I will never get to understand bicycle riders... ;-)
    Glad that you didn't get hurt while your bike decided to take a nap... twice.

  2. Man looks like hard work.....I needed a lie down afte reading how buggered you were. i went out in sympathy.

  3. BlueKat:

    Reading your words started me huffing and puffing. I'm already tired. sorry about your two spills and that you are Okay. Ron can make it better later (hint, hint). Don't they make electric mountain bikes ? Those look like wide single tracks, would they allow a motorized bike there ? otherwise I will only get to see the view from your photos

    Riding the Wet Coast

  4. I don't know Bluekat, seems like a lot of work and did get the memo right? No one gets out alive.... : )

    Glad you didn't get hurt seriously, it seems?


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  5. Thirty-five years ago I thought the only reason to ride a bike was to climb hills and the more and steeper they were, the better. Once you got to the top you could then ride down. This riding bicycles up and down dirt trails is a completely different thing. That seems crazy.

    You should publish a gps track (one more thing for Ron to carry).

  6. Speaking of climbing, I came here thinking I might see photos of the hot air balloons. We didn't do the balloon launch thing this year. Way too many people!

    Did hang around the park and take a bunch of pictures of people, cars, and planes, though.

    Don't how you manage to ride a bicycle so much. I guess I'm going to have to start running again so I don't feel so out of breath reading about your adventures!

  7. That Wally is a hill-0f-a-friend!

    Good on you for doing all the hard, sweat inducing, laborious work it takes to stay in shape!

  8. What a beautiful area you live in Kari! I suffered from "can't unclip fast enough" problems once too often and now have conventional pedals on my MTB, particularly as a fair bit of my riding is in tar seal now.

  9. Hi Sonja,
    I can't explain the appeal of pedaling either, but I'd miss it terribly if I couldn't ride. Good thing we have pedal power and motor power - something for everyone!


    Hi Roger,
    I make it sound harder than it is...looking for sympathy and all. Really I love it :)


    Hi Bob,
    Sorry, no motors allowed (except the staff that work there). You can ride horses though! How would that be? :)


    Hi Dom,
    LOL, yeah I got the memo :)
    Really, I like doing this stuff!

  10. Hi Richard,
    Even stranger than riding bicycles are the crazy ones who like to ride them up hill! I would much rather climb hills than ride in the flats (and fight the wind). Downhill in dirt is good. Not as fast as the road, but bouncy and fun!


    Hi Dan,
    No balloons this year. We didn't go anywhere near the festival. I wasn't in the mood to deal with hoards of people, the traffic.

    Running is good! :)
    When riding uphill runners often passed us. True, many of them were college kids. Still, when someone runs past you pushing one of those running baby strollers, well it's very humbling! I can run all of about half a block.


    Hi Ken,
    I'm just lucky that it happens to good for me. I wouldn't do it if I didn't love it. Working out at the gym is good for me too, but you won't catch me there!


    Hi Geoff,
    Yeah, I came home and immediately changed out the pedals to platform ones. Much better! :)

  11. Great ride! And you may be tired compared to the miles, but think of your accomplishment! Yeah, the view was good. I'm sure Wally is pleased that he wasn't pitched over the edge. :)

  12. I'm out of breath just looking at your photos.

    Kudos to you guys for getting on and riding under your own power.

  13. Dear BlueKat:

    Riding a bicycle is to motorcycling what flying a glider is to putting a fighter plane through it's paces. Both will put the wind in your hair, but one does it to the solitude of your thoughts... Yet that solitude is purchased through sweat. I'm amazed that you can take a spill so casually. To me, dropping a bicycle simply means the absence of potential bodywork on one of the participants.

    Great pictures...
    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  14. You make biking (the pedal kind) lok so relaxing. There should be 100% truth in advertising.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  15. Just checking in to make sure you are still kicking. Hopefully you have been out enjoying some of the sunshine September has provided.

  16. Hi Trobairitz,
    Thanks for checking :)
    We have enjoyed the last of summer, bicycling and motorcycling, at least for commuting. Had a few design projects creep up on me, compromising my computer time, but hope to get back to blogging soon.

    Sigh ... I hear the rain falling outside this evening. I think summer is officially over.

    Take care,

  17. Damn work, always getting in the way. Glad you are well. I was starting to worry when we hadn't seen a post in a while. At least you know we miss you.

    I rode to coffee this morning and stayed dry. Me thinks the week is going to be wet. The rainy season has arrived. Doh!