Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Long, Long Weekend

A couple weeks ago we spent four days in Bend, riding the trails. Four fun-filled days. One day was spent figuring out how to navigate the city...not that we ever figured it out. Really. The other three were spent zipping (or walking) up and down Phil's trail system. I didn't want to leave on Sunday. I was ready to go back on Monday. I'm ready to move there!

Since I'm trying to write this several weeks later, I'll just add a few notes and let the pics do the talking.

Phils-Whoops-Bens...or something like that.
Friday we hit the trails. Talking to a few folks at the bike shops convinced us that we could and should do Whoops. They promised I'd only have to go as fast as I want, and everything is doable for a noob like me. First we had to get to the top.

Phil's Trail
 Go to the COTA website and check the Phil's trail page. There is a little girl on a little pink princess bike rockin' this section of trail. Very humiliating - I walked it.
Art on the Trail



Taking a break

yeah, walk this too.


Found some kind of monument. Added a rock for good measure

We found this really fun downhill. As soon as I wanted a photo op, we were deluged with other riders trying to get up the trail. Ron had quite a little audience patiently waiting for us to get the pic.
Bench at the intersection. As far up as we went.

We took a little break at the bench we found on the trail, and met a very nice couple from Southern Oregon. I should have gotten their picture. They were on full suspension Kona's, and loved to ride the trails around Bend. I think they had been here for six days. Had a nice discussion about bikes and trails. Told us about another route up along a fire road that is an easier climb. (But still recommended that we climb to the helipad at least once.) The guy even gave up one of his downhill runs on Whoops, to meet us at the bottom of the trail so we could find the start of Ben's Trail. Really nice folks!
No more pics from the trail that day. Whoops was simply the most fun I've had on a bicycle.

One of the bike stores told us about a cyclocross race going on that night. Great fun watching the race. I haven't downloaded the Nikon, so no photos yet.
Saturday morning we made it down town to see the start of the Nationals Mtn. Bike marathon.
The only photos the day we rented full-suspension bikes. Ron is on a Specialized Epic 29er. I'm on a Specialized Safire (26er). Full suspension is fantastic. We rode many of the same trails (sadly, not whoops), and portions we walked the day before we rode right over with these bikes. I think it was Phil's trail and Kent's trail.
This rock is bigger than it appears - Really!
I'm not smiling. In fact I look incredibly tense. The next day we rode our hardtails along this trail again and were able to ride over the rougher sections (and the rock). Not as nice as the FS, but we did it! Ron took the opportunity to ride both the 29er and my 26er. He preferred the 26er.

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