Monday, September 12, 2011

Mt Pleasant Ride with Santiam Spokes

Saturday's ride was the classic Mt Pleasant Ride with the club, and I realized I've not done this ride before. Not sure how I missed it, I believe it comes around each year. Yet I know there were roads I hadn't been on before.

The air was dirty from the forest fires, the sky hazy. It wasn't really bad enough to effect breathing. Just unpleasant, and the views from the ridge, not so good.
Smokey skies
Ace, and the hill we just climbed
Christy, Ace and Ron
We rode with Christy, a new rider, building up her endurance. Heck of a job that day with some steep hills to conquer, and a new personal high distance accomplished - Way to go Christy!
Christy and Ace, Not the hills in the background
We feasted on blackberries along the roadside (I hope they weren't sprayed). The pretty ones were tart, but the dull, ugly ones were sweet. Ron likes the tart, I take sweet.
Old Barn
Approaching Shimanek Covered Bridge...almost done!
Nearly got the bike up to 40 mph coming down Richardson's Gap Road. Shouldn't have braked that last little bit. Once all riders were back in from the various rides we enjoyed lunch at the Covered Bridge Cafe in Scio. Good stuff!

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