Friday, September 30, 2011

Santa Cruz Juliana

Today I went and rode a Juliana (small). Kudos to Santiam Bicycles in Salem. The guy in the shop not only let me take the bike for a ride, but gave me a guided tour to the nearby bike path. Good thing too, as I probably would have gotten lost.

Okay, the bike. She fit perfectly. Very comfortable. She felt taller, as most FS bikes do. The most amazing thing was how well she rolled out on the pavement. Not bad at all. Just imagine how great she feels on dirt! We took one sharp switchback type corner, and I was a little wobbly on the tight corner. Not unusual for me. Handling wasn't disimilar to my Rockhopper. I had a chance to stand and pedal, and did notice a good deal of "squish" happening with each pedal stroke. The LBS thought that the bike had pro-pedal rather than lock outs. I couldn't tell, being unfamiliar with FS. I never stood and pedaled any other FS bikes, so I have nothing for comparison. Just something I noticed.

It was a short ride, but I'm glad I went up and tried the Juliana. She is definitely on my shortlist.

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