Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Change of Seasons

Autumn has arrived. The best season, my favorite season. The busyness of Summer settles into the calmness of Autumn. I love this season but I'm not ready yet. Winter seemed to linger into July. When summer did arrive it was nice, but over too quick. Autumn came anyway.
Shadows have grown long on the commute. The sun is low in the sky, shining directly into my eyes. I almost wish for overcast skies to cut the glare, but that's a silly thing to wish for. Grey skies will arrive soon enough.
I've used the heated jacket a couple of mornings. Partly because it's cool and partly to be sure it's all in working order for the really cold mornings. All is good. We're ready for cold.
Light mist over the fields. Today it was thick fog and no view.


  1. Beautiful photos, Kari-

    The orangey straw looking like flame against the bright green grass. Great colors. And the fog hanging over the field... wow <3

    I love fall too - but i'm not ready for what comes next.

  2. Very nicely composed pics Kari....good use of the "thirds", nice blending of colors and your bike's shadow as centering object...the last one is calendar material!


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  3. Bluekat,

    It's hit here, too, the trees are turning, which I love. Unfortunately, I don't like winter - strange for a guy from Minnesota, but that's just the way it is. Maybe I've just had enough of it. I grew to enjoy autumn in the South, but now that I'm in Germany, it just means colder walking. I'm already looking forward to spring.

    Behind Bars

  4. Bluekat:

    what a lovely commute. The colours are so vibrant. Unfortunately I am at work before sunrise, and the setting sun is hard to chase after work. But I agree with you, Winter is coming too fast

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. Beautiful pictures especially the barn with the light mist hanging over the field. Absolutely stunning. I enjoy Fall too but I wish that it would stick around longer. It sounds like you have a pretty nice commute. Mostly back roads?


  6. +1 for the barn picture with the low mist over the field. The light is special in fall, and the colours awesome. I only wish it would last longer. Not looking forward to the dark and cold time of the year.

  7. Glad to have you back at it Kari. Beautiful pictures. I like the new blog header picture.

    I especially like the picture with your motorcycle shadow. I like the contrast of the green of the field with the grass/weeds turning colors against the fence. Very nice.

  8. Just gorgeous Kari and what a wonderful area to commute in. "The calmness of autum" - an absolutely perfect phrase. Soft, golden light, drowsy bees and a relaxed feeling about everything.

    Lovely post!

  9. Great photos, welcome back, missed you.

  10. If the arrival of autumn means beautiful views and the wonderful light you captured in your pictures, then bring it on.  A slight chill is a small price to pay for such pleasures. More like this please!

  11. If you ever make a bluekat calender I'll buy one! Nice pictures!

  12. Dear BlurKat:

    I have just moved back to summer... The ocean is 5 minutes away and the temperatures are in the 60's each day. It won't last... But it is going to last into the first week of November.

    Enjoy the cool, dry weather while you can.

    Twisted Roads

  13. Nice to see you again! And what a lovely way to ring in the post. Great pictures and serene riding.

  14. Hi Fuzzy
    Thanks, I don't mind so much that winter shows up, what I hate is that it forgets to go away in the Spring. :)

    Hi Dom
    Thanks :)

    Hi Brady - I start looking for spring directly after Christmas. I don't think I could do a Minnesota winter!

    Hi Bobskoot
    Ron leaves earlier than me and has a cold, dark commute compared to mine. Fortunately things are starting to warm up a little by the time I hit the road.

    Hi Richard,
    I'm very fortunate with my commute. I have a choice between rural freeway or back roads. Back roads only take a few minutes longer. Not much traffic, but if my timing is off I can get stuck behind a few school buses with plenty of stopping.

    Hi Sonja,
    Agree on the light. It's just perfect in the morning right now, when it's not socked in with fog.

  15. Thanks Trobairitz,
    That was the first morning I suddenly realized how long the shadows had gotten. Where did summer go? The header is an oldie. One of my first photos back when I first went digital.

    Hi Geoff
    I like your description. :) Looking forward to some of your Summer posts to get me through the winter!

    Thanks Troubadour

    Hi Gary,
    Sometimes beautiful views, sometimes (like today) grey, drizzly, steady dripping rain. :)

  16. Hi Ken
    I hadn't ever thought of doing a calendar. :)
    Thank you for the kind comments.

    Hi Jack
    Enjoy your time at the beach - Sounds wonderful! A trip to the ocean here generally means colder, wetter weather, and add a chilling wind just for good measure. Perhaps I need to find a better beach!

    Hi Lori
    Thanks. I enjoy the crisp, cool mornings, the dry, not-foggy ones anyway. :)