Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cheadle Lake Morning Ride - Sunday

I didn't have to return the Epic until Sunday afternoon, so that left us time for a quick morning ride. I recently rode the Rockhopper to Cheadle Lake, so it would be a good comparison for the Epic. We rode from home and the Epic isn't too bad on pavement. Not a road bike for sure, but easy enough to roll along.
Cheadle Lake. Yes there is a lake there somewhere
It's a foggy morning. The thick, gloomy kind of fog that isn't pretty, and isn't much fun. Still, maybe it's because I'm on a bicycle, but it doesn't seem so bad.
One ride on the Rockhopper was enough to know I didn't want to ride there again. It was a slog going through the fine gravel on the trail, and the rougher trails filled with larger rocks were just harsh and not enjoyable. I'd rather walk.
Local wildlife were not so impressed
The Epic excelled on both surfaces. The big wheels made quick work of the fine gravel, and was simply a pleasure to ride over the rougher surfaces. Ron took it for a spin and declared it a fine ride. He took quite a beating riding his old Giant ATX on the trails.
Ron riding the's a little low :)
We returned the Epic to Peak Sports in the afternoon. I definitely think I would enjoy a 29er now that I know I can find a bike that fits well enough, and they don't feel too big. I had one complaint on the fit. The handlebars seem a little high for my taste. At the bike store they said the bars could be lowered a little, or the stem could be flipped to get them even lower. That would probably be enough for me.

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