Saturday, October 1, 2011

Detering Orchard - Apple Daze

A day of firsts. Must have been that fancy s-works helmet Nelson sold to me.
On our way to Detering Orchard

 New thing No. 1: The club did our annual Detering Orchard ride, this time in reverse.
New Thing No. 2: Some of the Corvallis club joined us on the ride for an exceptionally large group, and good company. 
New thing No. 3: Not only did I keep up with the group, I was exceptionally strong too.
New thing No. 4: A fantastic (for me) average. Would be sucky for most riders though.
New thing No. 5: A new maximum speed. 46.27 mph coming down Gap Road - Woot!
A new record!
 I couldn't see my speed until I checked later, but I did notice the increased wind noise and wondered if I was getting some speed. (or was it that fancy-smancy s-works helmet again?) Dennis Murphy had an even better top speed on his recumbent: 53 mph - Awesome!
Scenes from the road

Finished off the day with a trip up to Santiam Cycles to show off the Juliana to Ron. Met some more of the crew up there - seems like a good bunch of folks, and got invited on some trail rides. Maybe this mountain biking thing is going to stick :)

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